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commandN was a twice monthly (formerly weekly) tech news video show with hosts/producers Amber MacArthur, Christopher Dick (producer), Lara Killian, and Jeff MacArthur. The first episode was released on 28 June 2005, with a new video release each week available for download at their website. Guests have included Frank Gehry[1] and David Cronenberg.[2]

Episode 69 was the last episode Mike Lazazzera appeared as a regular host. In 2008, Christopher Dick starting shooting commandN on a regular basis starting with episode 131 while producer Brian McKechnie continued to edit them. Since episode 142 Christopher Dick has both shot and edited each episode as well as producing features on iJustine[3] and a Las Vegas[4] cab driver who tweets from his taxi cab.

Content[edit | edit source]

The show covered a wide range of technology news, trends, tips, and how-to segments. Various links to stories and resources were mentioned and displayed during the video and in the episode notes on the commandN website.

The program was split into six segments as described below, although in some episodes some segments may replace others.

  • headLINES: This section discusses all the latest news in technology, including product releases, announcements by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple.
  • bigPICTURE: This section take a more in-depth look at a specific current event topic.
  • hotSTUFF: This section generally reviews or illustrates a how-to or use tutorial of a product, service or program.
  • inSITE: This section features a web content, design or usability tip.
  • spotLIGHT: In this section an interview is conducted with various people in the field of technology, web design, geek culture, or relevance to a technology trend.
  • techTIP: This section features a short tip or tutorial to enhance and improve your technological experience regarding a specific topic (generally computers).
  • webPICKS: In this section, Amber discusses an interesting website or freeware program.

Distribution[edit | edit source]

commandN was found in various websites/programs including iTunes, Veoh,[5] Google Video, YouTube, Viddler, Dailymotion, Revver and podcast directories. It was distributed in video formats and audio formats that include H.264, mp4, m4v, WMV, mp3, and avi on the main webpage.

No new episodes have been released since June 18, 2013.

Popularity[edit | edit source]

  • commandN has been highlighted as a featured podcast in the iTunes Podcast Directory, and in Wired Magazine's May 2006 print edition as one of the web's most popular video podcasts.
  • commandN was featured in the May 2006 print edition of Wired Magazine as one of the web's most popular video shows.[citation needed]
  • A commercial study found that commandN was the fifth most downloaded podcast among surveyed Canadians.[6]
  • As of January 18, 2007, it was the 14th highest ranked podcast on Digg.
  • It was featured on the CBC documentary The End - TV which originally aired on 13 May 2006.[7]
  • Karl Kerschl drew a character in Adventures of Superman (March 2006 issue #648) in a commandN jacket.[8]
  • One fan has created a searchable database of all things commandN [1],

Supported formats[edit | edit source]

As of August 2011 commandN is distributed in a large and small size H.264 video format. In the past commandN was distributed in a variety of video formats: H.264, MPEG-4, .m4v (iPod Video), XVID, and .M4p (PSP format). As of May 1, 2006, CommandN no longer supported the .M4p format for space reasons.

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