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Michael himself even comments questioning if its because of them killing eachother together

and when Ryan attacks Ghost Ray to see how it responds Ghost Ray attempts to flee in response

It has to be because of the double kill because Geoff and Ray double kill later on and Ghost Ray comes back, but it still doesn't explain his AI

and we still dont know if Ghost Ray 1 is gone so who knows there could be 2 Ghost Rays

Ghost Ray then comes backa again before Rays next battle with Jack to the point everything is fucked. Instead of Ray being in the arena Jack is fighting no one while Ray is in the spectator stands having a ghost battle with Ghost Ray obliviously. Ghost Rays AI is so advanced he is able to start fight against Ray

Ghost Ray apparently shares health with actual Ray and maybe even has a fake copied AI as while Ghost Ray and Real Ghost were having a fight Ghost Ray was copying Real Ghost and when Jack had killed Ray both Ray, and Ghost Ray had all died but not Real Ghost as they stayed and apparently became the new Ghost Ray with only "Brown Man was killed by JackP" showing up.