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I'm looking for a specific Podcast in which Griffon talks about astrology and I CAN'T FREAKING FIND IT. I recently went through all the old podcasts and have recently caught up to where I started listening regularly. So going back through them again to find one out of 250 would make me go insane, but if I have to I will.

So why not add purpose if I am going to pursue this endeavor...

Has anyone tryed to archive all the podcast by topics, ie: Under Griffon's entry there would be an "Appears on..." section that lists which podcasts she was in and maybe an entry for each podcast that lists a better description of topics than the link dump?

Would that clog up the wiki too much with useless information? Would anyone want to help me find the specific podcast I'm looking for?<ac_metadata title="RT Podcast" related_topics="Griffon Ramsey|Rooster Teeth Wiki: Projects|Rooster Teeth Productions"> </ac_metadata>