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So recently, Achievement Hunter has announced that all Let's Plays will be moved to a new Youtube channel. I would say this is because they are getting annoyed at how a lot of subscribers come to the RT channel just to see the Let's Play, completely unaware of all the other great material Rooster Teeth works on. Red vs. Blue, for example. In my opinion, this is a good move since it let's the RT channel refocus themselves on stuff like the animated adventures, and more importantly uploading RvB (although they're one season behind the RT website), Immersion Season 2's release, RWBY when it gets released, stuff like that. Anyways, the upload schedule is the following:

Monday-A regular Let's Play

Tuesday-Let's Build

Wednesday-Another Let's Play

Thursday-Versus (Yes, they're moving that show to the new channel

Friday-Let's Play Minecraft

You can find the new channel here<ac_metadata title="Important Let's Play Info"> </ac_metadata>