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Hi guys! I want to request the higher ups to make the wiki uneditable by people who don't have an account, basically the "Wikia Contrbutor" thing. There are reasons for this change:

1. Anonymous contributors I've noticed tend to put in more false/inaccurate/redudant information

2. They are more prone to policy violations

3. For security reasons (We can see your IP, and that's an issue if someone knows how to hack)

5. When blocking people, if I block an anonymous user, I am essentially blocking that IP. Since computers get randomly assigned an IP address each time they log on, if they get a blocked IP, they can't edit. It's much more convenient for them to have an account.

Any comments voice them here<ac_metadata title="Non-Anon edits only" notify_everyone="1364848550"> </ac_metadata>