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Right, so I see so many comments claiming that Gavin is so unpredictable regarding what he says, and more specifically everyone labels his unconventional words as his creations, titling them 'Gavinisms'. This really weirds me out when I read this because I'm British, and thus understand most of what he says because a lot of it is just British slang; allow me to translate some of the stuff: 'Mug' = Face, 'Smeg' = Sperm, 'Toppy Tip' = Really really good, 'Pleb' or 'Doughnut' or 'Nonce' or 'Dunce' = Idiot, 'Taking the mick' = Cheeky and the list goes one. Granted, some of the stuff Gavin says is unintelligible and pure gibberish and sometimes he uses slang in the wrong sense (For example, 'I'm kakin my spaffs' would translate to 'I'm flirting with my ejaculations', but the point is most of the time Gavin is just talking British liiiiike.<ac_metadata title="Most of what Gavin says is simply British" related_topics="Gavin Free"> </ac_metadata>