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Because he's an idiot who screams constantly and focuses only on rape jokes. (Nothing to be joked about.) I can't see how anyone would like him....

Dude, he rarely talks about rape... Obviously your opinion is only based off what others say about him. Not to mention the fact that every lets player from Rooster Teeth make jokes about rape, race, and other things that really shouldn't be joked about all the time. So, your argument is invalid... Basically what youre saying is it's ok for them to say it because you like them, but since pewdiepie panders to his younger audience, and you don't like him he isn't allowed to joke about those things. Let's be honest here; both pewdiepie and let's play both have really insensitive taste when it comes to jokes, they both scream a shit ton but AH just scream and yell at eachother and pewds screams at the game. Plus, Pewdiepie doesn't put down people like AH does. Most of AH's content is making fun of the people who watch their videos or making fun of the people they work with. This is coming from a person who watches pewd, ah, rooster teeth, yogscast, minx, cry, and pretty much any let's player who is decent enough to watch, and every single one of them make jokes about things you are saying are things that shouldn't be joked about. So, you need to not go around spreading the rumors that have been spread enough. If you don't like him don't watch him, but don't sit there and act all high and mighty like you have never joked about something you shouldn't have.

Rant over. Have a good day. Hopefully this comment causes at least one person to come back to earth.