Benjamin Maio Mackay's Talk 2 Me!

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'Benjamin Maio Mackay's Talk2 Me!'
Hosted byBenjamin Maio Mackay
GenreEntertainment, Interview, Arts
Length30–80 minutes
No. of episodes64 (As of October 2 2017)
Original releaseMay 20, 2014 (May 20, 2014) – present
ProviderPreachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage

Benjamin Maio Mackay's Talk 2 Me! is a podcast hosted by actor and director Benjamin Maio Mackay.[1] The show launched in May 2014.[2] The show is produced by Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage.[3] By mid-2014 the show began receiving positive press, including articles on Books and Arts Daily and in The Australian.

Background[edit | edit source]

After concluding a 4-year Doctor Who podcast Maio Mackay wanted to launch an interview show, which he described as "a midpoint between The Graham Norton Show and Parky."[4] Maio Mackay used his past podcast and ABC Radio hosting experience to coax early guests onto the show.[5][6] The successful ratings convinced more guests to agree to interviews. He regularly works with publicists and conventions to arrange interviews with their talent.[7]

Most episodes of the show are generally recorded in Adelaide.[8] The guest usually phones in, however on occasion Maio Mackay will travel to the guest.[9] Occasionally people will confuse production company Preachrs Podcast OnLine & OnStage as the podcast's title. Preachrs Podcast was the name of Maio Mackay's first podcast, which was less-sucsefull, but he named his company after.[10] The format is informative and conversational, with Maio Mackay often researching guests and their work.[11]

Talk 2 Me! was the first outlet to report that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them would have 4 sequels and feature an appearance of a young Dumbledore.[12] Maio Mackay has talked about his desire to transfer the podcast to a TV format.[13]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Talk 2 Me! has received generally positive reviews, including positive writeups in The Australian and InDaily.[14] The show purportedly reached 100 million downloads after an interview with David Yates, where Yates discussed exclusive details about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.[15]

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