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Art of the Drink (AOTD) is a video podcast focussing exclusively on bartending. Each week, the show covers a drink recipe and gives viewers preparation tips.

The AOTD Video Podcast is an offshoot of the Art of the Drink Instructional Bartending DVD series. Created by writer/director/host Anthony Caporale and cinematographer/film editor David McCoy, the AOTD-VP follows a simple two-act format: first the drink is prepared by Anthony, then his co-host makes the drink following his instructions. Many episodes also feature a trivia contest based on lessons from previous episodes. A coda to each episode consists of outtakes and candid moments from the shoot.

Art of the Drink has received honors, including Lulu.TV's award for Best Instructional Vlog of 2006.[1] AOTD was also selected as an iTunes Featured How-To Podcast. The series was featured in The News & Observer[2] and commended as a Best of 2006 in The New York Times.[3] Art of the Drink is produced by Lion's Cathedral Productions.

The first episode was released on iTunes on May 1, 2006. Each episode is approximately 6 minutes long.

Host[edit | edit source]

Anthony Caporale has been a professional Bar Instructor and Bar Chef since 1990. He has trained hundreds of servers, and prepared hundreds of thousands of drinks. His approach teaches the bar from both sides – as a customer in front of the bar, he teaches viewers the correct way to order drinks, their history, and the differences between each type of liquor. From behind the bar, he explains how to mix drinks professionally. Caporale is also the writer and star of The Imbible: A Spirited History of Drinking, an Off-Broadway musical comedy on history of spirits and cocktails.

DrinkArt Girls[edit | edit source]

Each month, viewers are introduced to a new DrinkArt Girl as Anthony's co-host. The DAG learns the drink along with the viewer, and lets Anthony answer questions and point out common mistakes.

Season 1 DrinkArt girls[edit | edit source]

  • May 2006 - Ashley S.
  • June 2006 - Rachel K.
  • July 2006 - Melissa M.
  • August 2006 - Kat R.
  • September 2006 - Whitney M.

Season 2 DrinkArt Girls[edit | edit source]

  • October 2006 - Julie B.
  • November 2006 - On The Road
  • December 2006 - Tracy S.
  • January 2007 - Hiatus
  • February 2007 - Krysta C.

Season 1 Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode number Title Released Run time Posted podcast description
1 Mexican Mojito 1 May 2006 4:30 Our pilot episode, welcome! It's almost Cinco de Mayo. Are you ready to serve your guests drinks? Or if you're going out, what will you order when you get to the bar?
2 Ginger Julep 5 May 2006 4:05 Bet on an underdog this year in the Kentucky Derby. Anthony and Ashley have a twist for you on the always-the-favorite mint: a GINGER Julep.
3 Mimosa Royale 9 May 2006 3:10 Mother's Day is almost here. Along with the flowers, why don't you surprise Mom with her new favorite drink? Anthony and Ashley show you how to kick up a Mimosa.
4 Holy Grail 16 May 2006 4:13 Celebrate the première of The Da Vinci Code by embarking on a quest for the perfect Holy Grail! Anthony and Ashley will show you the secrets behind making this original twist on the classic Bloody Mary.
5 Beach Bellini 22 May 2006 4:55 Heading to the beach for Memorial Day? Are gas prices making a weenie-roast around the inflatable kiddy pool look more likely? Either way, Anthony and Ashley will help you bring a taste of the Italian Riviera to your holiday with this jazzed-up version of the Peach Bellini.
6 White Chocolate Martini 30 May 2006 7:04 In honor of National Dairy Month, Anthony is going to introduce you to his delectable White Chocolate Martini as well as our new Drinkart Girl for June - the equally delicious Rachel!
7 World Cup 6 June 2006 11:02 Enjoy the World Cup games while drinking a World Cup cocktail - Anthony's tribute to the international soccer tournament! Anthony and Rachel will show you how to make this uniquely American rendition of the famous English Pimm's Cup.
8 Godfather 13 June 2006 4:11 This Father's Day, treat Dad to a classic martini built on the rocks. Anthony and Rachel show you how to make a bourbon-based Godfather.
9 Sunset Pousse-Café 19 June 2006 7:29 Midsummer is here and Anthony pays tribute with his spectacular flaming Sunset Pousse-Café! He and Rachel take you through layering and lighting a cordial.
10 Kryptini 26 June 2006 4:56 Toast the opening of Superman Returns with our out-of-this-world Kryptini! Anthony and Rachel reveal the creation of this super cranapple Martini with a touch of vanilla.
11 Bourbon & Branch 2 July 2006 4:10 For the Fourth of July, Anthony introduces you to America's national drink the Bourbon & Branch, and July's Drinkart Girl Melissa!
12 Planter's Punch 9 July 2006 6:08 Anthony raises a bottle of rum to the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and concocts a Planter's Punch with Miss All-American North Carolina, Melissa!
13 Wine Presentation 18 July 2006 9:34 As the Tour de France draws to a close, Anthony and Melissa open a bottle of vin rouge and take the mystery out of tableside wine presentation.
14 Lynchburg Lemonade 26 July 2006 3:58 Put some punch in your next picnic! Anthony shows you how to make a Jack Daniel's-based Lynchburg Lemonade.
15 Cosmopolitan 31 July 2006 7:44 As we enter National Admit You're Happy Month, Anthony and Melissa prepare a Cosmopolitan to help you better enjoy the coming weeks of bliss!
16 Blue Motorcycle 11 August 2006 6:07 As riders at the Sturgis Motorcycle rally show off their bikes, Anthony and Rachel show you how to trick out a Long Island Iced Tea into a Blue Motorcycle.
17 Snake Bite 18 August 2006 6:00 Anthony and Kat get ready for the première of Snakes On A Plane with two versions of a Snake Bite!
18 Metropolitan 24 August 2006 6:01 Anthony and Kat show you how to enjoy the Emmy Awards in style with a classic Metropolitan.
19 Whisky Flip 2 September 2006 6:22 Anthony and Kat kick off the AOTD Classic Cocktails series with a Whisky Flip!
20 Hurricane 7 September 2006 6:57 Anthony and Whitney mark the onset of storm season and pay tribute to New Orleans with a Hurricane that even the Federal Emergency Management Agency can get right.
21 First Down 14 September 2006 4:35 Anthony and Whitney toast the opening of football season with a First Down!
22 Applejack Rabbit 21 September 2006 7:54 The essence of apples and maple syrup herald the coming of Autumn in this unique cocktail.
23 Presbyterian 28 September 2006 4:35 Anthony and Whitney wrap up September with the second installment of the AOTD Classic Cocktails Series: a Presbyterian.
24 Season 1 Highlights 23 October 2006 1:46 While we're on break, enjoy some highlights from the Art of the Drink Video Podcast's first season!

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