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Another Round
Hosted byTracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu
GenreComedy, Interview, Pop culture
Original releaseMarch 24, 2015; 9 years ago (March 24, 2015) – present
ProviderPanoply Media

Another Round is a podcast co-hosted by Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu, with occasional guest hosts. Debuting on Buzzfeed on March 24, 2015, Another Round has featured interviews with guests like writer and MacArthur Genius Ta-Nehisi Coates[1] and U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton,[2] as well as segments on topics ranging from race, gender and pop culture[3] to squirrels, mangoes, and jokes. Episodes are uploaded weekly on Tuesdays, and feature a new guest every week.

Production team[edit | edit source]

Buzzfeed's Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu (with Buzzfeed when the podcast launched, then later The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) host Another Round, with occasional guest hosts sitting in for Nigatu after she joined The Late Show around July 2016. Buzzfeed Managing Editor for Mobile News Stacy-Marie Ishmael has been a recurring guest, hosting Stacy's Career Corner.[4]

The podcast is one of five podcasts from BuzzFeed's audio team. Producers have included Jenna Weiss-Berman,[5] Eleanor Kagan, Julia Furlan and Meg Cramer. They are collectively known as the Pod Squad.

In late 2017, the show's social media accounts made an announcement that Buzzfeed had decided to stop producing Another Round, but that Nigatu and Clayton had been allowed to take ownership of the show and would continue it after a hiatus.[6]

Guests[edit | edit source]

In addition to Coates and Clinton, notable guests have included New York Times best-selling author Roxane Gay,[7] writer and comedian Issa Rae, Hamilton writer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda[8] and writer and First Lady of New York City Chirlane McCray.[9]

Segments[edit | edit source]

In addition to interviews and Stacy's Career Corner, segments on Another Round include Drunken Debates, Tracy's Animal Corner, Is This Real Life?, What Had Happened Was, Rapid Fire ("Pew Pew Pew!"),[2] Nichole's Nookie Nook and Tracy's Joke Time,[10] White Devil's Advocate,[4] among others.

Accolades[edit | edit source]

Another Round episodes were rated "Best of 2015" by iTunes,[11] Slate,[12] Vulture,[13] and The Atlantic[14] among others. In 2016, Forbes named Nigatu to its annual 30 Under 30 list, citing her work on "the popular and influential BuzzFeed podcast Another Round...which has monthly listener numbers in the hundreds of thousands."[15] Writing for The Guardian, critic Sasha Frere-Jones described hosts Nigatu and Clayton as "leading American cultural critics."[16]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode # Date aired Title Content
15 June 23, 2015 Crush That Rage Into A Diamond An interview with Jay Smooth, Tracy looks for a date, and advice for white allies.[17]
14 June 16, 2015 Multitudity (with Tiq Milan) A chat about Rachel Dolezal, a joke, inspirational words from Kanye West, and an interview with Tiq Milan.[18]
13 June 9, 2015 Another Round LIVE! (with Roxane Gay) Our first live show! Featuring a quiz, a joke, and an interview with Roxane Gay.[19]
12 June 2, 2015 Casual Negro Spirituals (with Jean Grae) Today we talk about dating apps and interview Jean Grae.[20]
11 May 26, 2015 Bob Loblaw (with Chirlane McCray) A special mental health episode with NYC's First Lady Chirlane McCray, plus a Jason Bateman quiz.[21]
10 May 19, 2015 You Tickled Whitney Houston?! (with Brandy) We talk to Brandy about her role in Chicago, and Tracy reimagines 90s sitcoms as musicals.[22]
9 May 12, 2015 You're Gonna Be a Boss One Day (with Kaya Thomas) The emotional labor no one lists as job requirements, and a chat with coding wunderkind Kaya Thomas.[23]
8 May 5, 2015 Shmoney For The Ancestors (with Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah) We discuss the many ways men gotta do better, the art of the clapback, and an interview with Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah.[24]
7 Apr 28, 2015 Living in America This week we talk self-care in the wake of police violence, dealing with hair microaggressions and more of Tracy’s corny jokes.[25]
6 Apr 21, 2015 Lit Like Bic (with Desus Nice) This week we talk to Desus Nice, and we have some questions for white people.[26]
5 April 10, 2015 Young East African Girl (with Hannah Giorgis) On this week’s episode: East African feminism, the joy of frolicking through Tumblr, and another sloppy round of drunken debates.[27]
4 April 7, 2015 A Podcast of One's Own (with Gene Demby) Tracy talks about attending a Klan rally and we chat with Gene Demby, lead blogger at NPR’s Code Switch team, about the whiteness of the "public radio voice."[28]
3 March 31, 2015 Oh, the Racism! (with Issa Rae) On this week’s episode we talk about racist frats, spoken word, and chat with Issa Rae about Awkward Black Girl and her new HBO show.[29]
2 March 26, 2015 You Know White People (with Jazmine Hughes) Today we discuss origin stories, white people telling white people jokes, and then play a few rounds of drunken debates.[30]
1 March 25, 2015 Unlearning (with Durga Chew-Bose) In our debut episode we interview writer Durga Chew-Bose, discuss house parties gone wrong, and describe white people culinarily.[31]

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