All Day Breakfast Show

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All Day Breakfast Show
Hosted byDanny Baker
Amy Lamé
Baylen Leonard
David Kuo
Updates5 shows per week
Length40 to 55 minutes
Audio formatMP3
Original release15 March 2007 – 13 December 2007
Ratings>370000 per week [1]

The All Day Breakfast Show was a daily podcast which was launched on 15 March 2007.

Created by and starring Danny Baker, the show also featured Amy Lamé, Baylen Leonard and David Kuo. It followed a similar format to Baker's radio show on BBC London 94.9, where the listeners and presenters share humorous anecdotes, interspersed with obscure recordings.

History[edit | edit source]

Originally launched in March 2007, the All Day Breakfast Show was rebranded in September that year as The All Day Breakfast Show In Color, and a weekly download fee of £2 was applied to the podcast. The full length podcast was made available solely through Wippit and edited highlights were made available as a teaser through iTunes.

The podcast went into hiatus after one week, numerous downloaders from Wippit being unable to access the material due to restrictions on available bandwidth. No official announcement was made for the cause of the hiatus, or whether the podcast would return. However, after several weeks of silence, the All Day Breakfast Show officially announced its return to the air on the 19 October 2007. No announcement on the main website was given, but in a five-minute mini-show downloadable initially only to paid subscribers, Danny Baker and Baylen Leonard announced the return of the show. They confirmed that from "next week" they would be broadcasting three times a week. They also suggested (possibly only partially in jest) that due to BBC cuts announced the previous day, that they may be planning to end their official BBC London show and move to being an "internet only" show. The mini-show also introduced a new recording of the Candyman theme tune.

On Saturday 15 December 2007 Danny posted an open letter on both the ADBS and Baker and Kelly sites, saying that "there will be no more All Day Breakfast Shows nor Baker & Kelly's. There has now been an irreversible and utter breakdown between the on-air team and the company who have, with varying degrees of success, provided it to you online."

Wippit responded on 17 December 2007 saying that the show's cancellation was due to "a breakdown in contract negotiations between our company and Danny Baker", alleging that Baker "did not wish to meet his agreed obligations regarding exclusivity", and Wippit rejected the terms proposed by his agent. Wippit offered Baker 100% of the programme's revenues and declared no further interest in the podcast, but this offer was rejected by Baker's agent.

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