Achievement HORSE Trials Episode 10

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Geoff and Ray enthusiastically play a game of HORSE.

If we drew her a picture, maybe.
Geoff Ramsey

Participants[edit | edit source]

Notability[edit | edit source]

Results[edit | edit source]

# Description Map by Winner
1 Make your way through the field, get to the end x5280Pyro Wolf Ray
2 Survive the dark course shipmaster97 Geoff
3 Make it to the end of the bridge Eman1159 Ray
4 Make it down the hill in front of the ball Solo Sith Lord Geoff
5 Bounce to the end in less than 6 faults SaneSational Ray
6 Survive the track and explode at the end Gears Disciple Ray
7 Watch your feet and make it to the end LB3PTMAN Ray