Achievement HORSE Episode 64

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We're a couple of ho's...on a beach weekend
Gavin Free

Participants[edit | edit source]

Notability[edit | edit source]

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Results[edit | edit source]

# Description Map by Winner
1 Jump through the O, hit the mine! BlizzardSOUP Jack
2 Drive a Scorpion off the Spire. Land. Deman66 Gavin
3 Jump the ramp and land on the half saucer. Hayez29 Gavin
4 Follow the long course until the end. TheDarkSpartan Jack
5 Run up the ramp and avoid the mines. Cap N Crunch01 Gavin
6 Drive off the ramp, hit the teleporter VaccinialBrute Gavin
7 Follow the course until the end! MrSniper777 Gavin
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