2016 Triangle Pen Show

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Pen show name::2016 Triangle Pen Show
Start Date: Start date::June 2 2016
End Date: End date::June 5 2016
Location: Location::'''Embassy Suites Hotel''', 201 Harrison Oaks Blvd, Cary, NC 27513, USA
Web Site: http://www.trianglepenshow.com
Series Number: 13

Description[edit | edit source]

For one of the largest gatherings of pen and ink users on the east coast. If you enjoy writing with a fountain pen we are here to help! There will be 70 tables filled with vintage and modern fountain pens, limited editions, roller ball pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, ink, paper and related products. [1]

Admissions[edit | edit source]

Workshops and Seminars[edit | edit source]

Auction[edit | edit source]

References and Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Description taken from an archive of the official show page https://web.archive.org/web/20160319091654/http://www.trianglepenshow.com/