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Alright! Time to introduce a thing I will start up: a Policy and Standards Committee. There is one that exists on Bleach Wiki, and I want one here to help enforce the policy when an admin is unavailable. They also will be required to answer any questions users might have and help them edit. This will help the admins as it will make our jobs of enforcing the policy much easier, and the members of this committee get some additional powers:

1. Rollback Rights: Rollback is like an undo, but different. Rather than undo a single edit, the most recent editor will have ALL of his edits removed from his page. Let's say user Blah made a couple of bad edits. Then someone else edited. Then Blah made another bad edit, rather than undoing all the edits made up until before Blah edited, which will remove that other person's edits. Rollback will remove all of Blah's edits without touching the other's edits. Note that this may make the other's edits sort of nonsensical and therefore would need to rework his edits. Generally though, it is much faster than undoing each individual edit.

2. Chat Moderator: We have a chat on this wiki. Go to Special:Chat or click on the "Start/Join Chat" Button on the right hand side of any page on this wiki. Note: You WILL need an account to chat. The job of the moderator is to keep things clean. If a person starts bashing another person, that person should be kicked. The moderator also has the power to ban users from chat, if necessary. I will be making a chat policy in the near future, once people start using chat. Note: Moderators are unable to kick/ban other moderators/admins.

So how do you obtain these rights? By joining the committee I stated earlier. The committee will be made up of the people heading the Projects I created earlier. I will also be creating a committee policy page in the near future, but generally require the members to be: 1. Familiar with our policies 2. Contribute regularly 3. Have a decent amount of edits before asking to join Hopefully people will be interested in this and join up.