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This articles lists subreddits about podcasts.

Not Podcast Specific[edit | edit source]

Subreddit # of Subscribers Topic Existing Wiki? Wiki on Podpedia?
/r/atheistpodcasts 260 Atheist Podcasts N/A N/A
/r/bitcoinpodcast/ 200 Bitcoin Podcasts N/A N/A
/r/LadyPodSquad/ 39 Female Hosted Podcasts N/A N/A
/r/HistoryPodcasting/, /r/History_Podcasts/ 372, 1,786 History Podcasts N/A N/A
/r/Music_Podcasts/ 417 Music Podcasts N/A N/A
/r/podcastgear/ 386 Podcast Gear N/A N/A
/r/podcasting/, /r/Podcasters/, /r/podcaster/ 11,487, 82, 78 Podcasting N/A N/A
/r/podcasts/, /r/PodcastFans/, /r/podcast/, /r/GreatPodcasts/, /r/findapodcast/, /r/Podcast_Feeds/ 225,528, 110, 5,297, 2,673, 113, 488 Podcasts N/A N/A
/r/RoleplayingPodcasts/, /r/RPGrecordings/, /r/RPGpodcasts/, /r/ActualPlayRPG/ 61, 1,145, 235, 465 Roleplaying Podcasts N/A N/A
/r/TrueCrimePodcasts/ 5,729 True Crime Podcasts N/A N/A
/r/Microcasting/ 40 Microcasts Short podcasts N/A N/A

Podcast Network Subreddits[edit | edit source]

Subreddit # of Subscribers Topic Existing Wiki? Wiki on Podpedia?
/r/adamcarolla 7,135 Carolla Digital No No
/r/earwolf 15,892 Earwolf Podcast Network No No
/r/gimlet 6,843 Gimlet Podcast Network No No
/r/HoppedUpNetwork/ 16 Hopped Up Network No No
/r/MajorSpoilers/ 36 Major Spoilers No No
/r/maximumfun 9,731 MaximumFun Podcast Network No No
/r/NPR/ 28,967 NPR Podcast Network No No
/r/OAMnetwork/ 28 OAM Network No No
/r/radiotopia/ 930 Radiotopia Podcast Network No No

Podcast Subreddits[edit | edit source]

Subreddit # of Subscribers Topic Existing Wiki? Wiki on Podpedia?
/r/tisthepodcast/ 46 'tis the Podcast No No
/r/1900Wrestling/ 10 1-900-WRESTLING No No
/r/8bitbookclub/ 819 8-Bit Book Club No No
/r/99percentinvisible 3,501 99% Invisible No No
/r/TheCTeam/ 2,338 Acquisitions Incorporated No No
/r/AlisonRosen 792 Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend No No
/r/AllFantasyEverything/ 1,188 All Fantasy Everything No No
/r/atwwdpodcast/ 575 And That's Why We Drink Podcast No No
/r/AroundTheNFL/ 8,408 Around The NFL No No
/r/Sparadoxica/ 342 ARS Paradoxica No No
/r/AstonishingLegends/ 2,579 Astonishing Legends No No
/r/benshapiroshow 3,579 The Ben Shapiro Show No No
/r/big3podcast 490 Big 3 Podcast No No
/r/biggestproblem 1,915 Biggest Problem No No
/r/BillBurr/ 28,537 The Monday Morning Podcast No No
/r/blankies/ 1,377 Blank Check No No
/r/Bombarded/ 17 bomBARDed No No
/r/bonezonepodcast/ 627 Bone Zone No No
/r/bryancallen/ 197 Bryan Callen No No
/r/calledshotpodcast/ 169 Called Shot Podcast No No
/r/Casefile/ 3,430 Casefile No No
/r/ChilluminatiPod/ 818 Chilluminati No No
/r/codebreakerpodcast/ 119 Codebreaker No No
/r/comedybangbang 10,877 Comedy Bang! Bang! No No
/r/CookingIssues/ 36 Cooking Issues No No
/r/cordkillers 1,643 Cordkillers No No
/r/cortex 5,099 Cortex Yes Yes
/r/ThisIsCriminal/ 616 Criminal No No
/r/criticalrole/ 69,318 Critical Role No No
/r/CriticalHit/ 222 Critical Hit Yes Yes
/r/Cumtown/ 7,938 Cum Town No No
/r/currentgeek 1,596 Current Geek No No
/r/dailytechnewsshow 8,026 Daily Tech News Show No No
/r/dancarlin, /r/hardcorehistory/ 13,177, 3,271 Dan Carlin's Hardcore History and Common Sense Yes Yes
/r/DearHankandJohn 380 Dear Hank and John No No
/r/Deathsquad 2,257 Deathsquad No No
/r/deepfatfried/ 1,448 Deep Fat Fried No No
/r/diamondclub 2,267 Diamond Club No No
/r/dndpodcast/ 1,963 Drunks and Dragons No No
/r/doughboys/ 3,114 Doughboys Yes Yes
/r/douglovesmovies 4,973 Doug Loves Movies No No
/r/drunkenpeasants/ 8,781 Drunken Peasants No No
/r/duncantrussell, /r/DTFH/ 4,760, 1,564 The Duncan Trussell Family Hour No No
/r/DungeonsAndRandomness/ 59 Dungeons and Randomness No No
/r/EarHustlePodcast 43 Ear Hustle Podcast No No
/r/Facultyofhorror/ 504 Faculty of Horror No No
/r/FantasyFic 1,350 Fantasy Fiction No No
/r/freakonomics 1,650 Freakonomics No No
/r/futilitycloset/ 75 Futility Closet No No
/r/GeeksWithoutGod 17 Geeks Without God No No
/r/Godsfall/ 468 Godsfall No No
/r/goodjobbrain/ 104 Good Job Brain No No
/r/h3h3productions/ 358,212 H3 Podcast Yes Yes
/r/Harmontown 21,450 Harmontown Yes Yes
/r/HDTGM (How did this get made?) 6,949 How Did This Get Made? No No
/r/magictavern/ 4,308 Hello from the Magic Tavern No No
/r/HowWeRollPodcast/ 173 How We Roll Podcast No No
/r/hellointernet 35,590 Hello Internet Yes Yes
/r/HBMpodcast 6 Here Be Monsters No No
/r/horroretc 37 Horroretc No No
/r/inthemorning 2,305 No Agenda: In The Morning! No No
/r/ITNcast/ 496 Into the Nexus No No
/r/invisibilia 938 Invisibilia No No
/r/jakeandamir 16,990 Jake and Amir No No
/r/joerogan, /r/joerogan2 126,631, 3,480 The Joe Rogan Experience Yes Yes
/r/JoeyDiaz 3,577 Joey Diaz No No
/r/JuryPodcast/ 40 Jury Podcast No No
/r/KernelPanicPodcast/ 59 Kernel Panic Podcast No No
/r/LegionOfSkanks 4,337 Legion of Skanks No No
/r/LetsTalkBitcoin 569 The LTB Network No No
/r/levelbosses 4 Level Bosses No No
/r/limetown/ 2,806 Limetown No No
/r/lrcast/ 9,685 Limited Resources No No
/r/loshopo 8 The Long Shot Podcast No No
/r/lorepodcast/ 1,733 Lore No No
/r/LPOTL/ 23,048 Last Podcast On The Left No No
/r/MabelPodcast/ 76 Mabel No No
/r/makemesmart 63 Make Me Smart No No
/r/makingitpodcast/ 920 Making It Yes No
/r/MarcMaron 2,156 Marc Maron No No
/r/mbmbam (My Brother, My Brother And Me) 21,146 My Brother, My Brother And Me No No
/r/mega64/ 6,800 Mega64 Podcast No No
/r/mentalpod 1,072 The Mental Illness Happy Hour No No
/r/modernmakerpodcast/ 411 The Modern Maker Podcast No No
/r/MorePerfect 514 More Perfect No No
/r/MunchkinLand/ 6 Munchkin Land No No
/r/MvsW (Marek vs. Wshynski) 1,150 Marek vs. Wshynski No No
/r/myfavoritemurder/ 26,663 My Favorite Murder No No
/r/NeoScum/ 340 NeoScum No No
/r/nerdist 10,577 ID10T with Chris Hardwick No No
/r/nerdpokerpodcast 821 Brian Posehn's Nerd Poker No No
/r/NerdyShow/ 95 Nerdy Show No No
/r/nevernotfunny 726 Never Not Funny No No
/r/nightvale 25,591 Welcome to Night Vale No No
/r/NDQ 2,401 No Dumb Questions No No
/r/NotAnotherDnDPodcast/ 2,736 Not Another DnD Podcast No No
/r/nyrdcast/ 2 The Nyrdcast Podcast 2.0 and The Nyrdcast Interviews Yes Yes
/r/ObsessiveViewer 35 The Obsessive Viewer No No
/r/onceandfuturenerd 145 The Once And Future Nerd No No
/r/oneshotpodcast/ 1,407 ONE SHOT No No
/r/pnws (Pacific Northwest Stories) 10,418 Pacific Northwest Stories Yes No
/r/PKA/ 35,039 Painkiller Already Yes No
/r/pennjillette 492 Penn Jillette No No
/r/nprplanetmoney/ 2,001 Planet Money No No
/r/FriendsofthePod 8,437 Pod Save America No No
/r/PokemonGoPodcast 261 Pokémon GO Podcast No No
/r/PopCultureHappyHour 204 Pop Culture Happy Hour No No
/r/PretendWizards/ 261 Pretend Wizards No No
/r/professorblastoff 152 Professor Blastoff No No
/r/pucl 222 Pokémon Underground Champion's League No No
/r/Radiolab 6,821 Radiolab No No
/r/ReadItPodcast/ 25 Read It On Reddit Podcast No No
/r/RegularFeatures/ 663 Regular Features No No
/r/RevisionistHistoryPod/ 233 Revisionist History No No
/r/RiskPodcast 143 The RISK Podcast No No
/r/roosterteeth 194,874 Rooster Teeth No No
/r/samharris/ 27,107 Sam Harris No No
/r/SAYER/ 355 SAYER Yes Yes
/r/serialpodcast 54,111 Serial Yes Yes
/r/SGU (Skeptics Guide to the Universe) 2,348 Skeptics Guide to the Universe No No
/r/snapjudgement/ 86 Snap Judgement No No
/r/SneakPodcast/ 418 Sneak Attack! Yes Yes
/r/songexploder 60 Song Exploder Podcast No No
/r/stownpodcast/ 9,688 S-Town No No
/r/stuffyoushouldknow 1,161 Stuff You Should Know No No
/r/CompoundMedia/ 1,154 The Anthony Cumia Show No No
/r/TGSPodcast, /r/Cynicalbrit/, /r/cynicalbritofficial/ 393, 53,315, 31,711 Co-Optional Podcast No No
/r/tangentiallyspeaking 3,649 Tangentially Speaking No No
/r/tesdcares/ 8,052 Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Cares No No
/r/TenMinutePodcast/ 276 Ten Minute Podcast No No
/r/TheAdventureZone/ 35,854 The Adventure Zone No No
/r/theallusionist 34 The Allusionist No No
/r/TheAmpHour/ 2,981 The Amp Hour No No
/r/TheAttack/ 1,265 The Attack Pile No No
/r/Newbridge/ 734 The Best Show No No
/r/BigLoopPodcast/ 284 The Big Loop Podcast No No
/r/thebrightsessions/ 1,061 The Bright Sessions No No
/r/TheBugle 2,012 The Bugle Podcast with Andy Zaltzman No No
/r/thecrabfeast 621 The Crabfeast No No
/r/TheDollop/ 7,908 The Dollop No No
/r/TheGlassCannonPodcast/ 3,004 The Glass Cannon Podcast No No
/r/greatestgen/ 3,081 The Greatest Generation No No
/r/thelegendarium/ 797 The Legendarium Podcast No No
/r/TheMagnusArchives/ 2,096 The Magnus Archives No No
/r/themoth 373 The Moth No No
/r/NosleepAudio/ 6,657 The NoSleep Podcast No No
/r/TheOfficialPodcast/ 7,659 The Official Podcast No No
/r/penaddict/ 1,194 The Pen Addict Yes Yes
/r/TheRamenNoodle/ 3 The Ramen Noodle No No
/r/RoundtablePodcast/ 1,557 The Roundtable Podcast No No
/r/TheSecretPodcast/ 25 The Secret Podcast No No
/r/StrangerLandsPod/ 8 The Stranger Lands No No
/r/thetruthpodcast/ 140 The Truth No No
/r/TheWarNerd 531 The War Nerd No No
/r/weeklyplanetpodcast/ 5,913 The Weekly Planet No No
/r/thisamericanlife 8,252 This American Life No No
/r/timferrissshow 994 The Tim Ferriss Show No No
/r/TopFivePodcast/ 2 Top Five No No
/r/TriforcePodcast/ 1,556 Triforce Podcast No No
/r/Twinnovation/ 1,506 Twinnovation No No
/r/twotimstalking/ 17 Two Tims Talking Yes Yes
/r/uhhyeahdude 1,630 Uhh Yeah Dude No No
/r/theundisclosedpodcast/ 2,949 Undisclosed Yes No
/r/unmade_podcast 1,653 Unmade Podcast Yes Yes
/r/upvoted 21,218 upvoted No No
/r/WeHateMovies 2,671 We Hate Movies No No
/r/Werealive/ 1,881 We're Alive No No
/r/WestWingWeekly 688 The West Wing Weekly Podcast No No
/r/winnerpodcast/ 133 The Winner Winner Podcast No No
/r/Wolf359/ 952 Wolf359 No No
/r/wolfpop 196 Wolfpop No No
/r/youhadmeatbigfoot 11 You Had Me at Bigfoot No No
/r/yourmomshousepodcast 10,621 Your Mom's House Podcast No No