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'The Space Show'
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Hosted byDr. David Livingston
GenreSpace, space business
UpdatesTuesday 7pm
Sunday 12pm
Length60-90 minutes
Audio formatMP3
No. of episodes>2700 as of 2016
Original releaseJune 13, 2001; 22 years ago (2001-06-13) – present

The Space Show is a biweekly Internet radio talk show, presented by Dr. David Livingston, about space commerce and exploration that is also available archived online as a podcast.[1][2][3] According to Livingston, the show started in 2001 as Business without Boundaries on a small Arizona radio station, which added Internet audio streaming later. When the show moved to Seattle in 2002, it was renamed The Space Show and aired on, and streamed from, KKNW.[2]

As of 2012, The Space Show has produced more than 1900 shows/interviews, including Neil deGrasse Tyson,[4] Freeman Dyson, Alan Hale, John Logsdon, Alan Boyle, Jordin Kare,[5] Andrew Chaikin,[6] Francis French,[7] and MirCorp entrepreneur and tax evader Walter Anderson.[8] Pete Worden, center director for NASA's Ames Research Center, described himself as a "reformed zealot" about space-based solar power systems on the show.[9]

Livingston earned his MBA in 1978, and his Doctorate of Business Administration from Golden Gate University in 2001.[10] Livingston and the show have been quoted by NBC News in 2006 and Fox News in 2009 regarding progress in civilian space funding and execution, specifically SpaceShipOne,[11][12] and the reentry of the doomed Russian Phobos-Grunt Mars spacecraft in 2011.[13]

The Space Show hosted, and Livingston moderated, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics panel review of the 2009 Augustine Commission on future U.S. human space flight.[14]

Dr. Philip Harris has described the show as "a platform for knowledgeable, educational exchanges on humanity's space future and opportunities".[3] In 2004, Fraser Cain, publisher of Universe Today and co-host of Astronomy Cast, described The Space Show as a "favorite" and that he was "astonished and jealous at the caliber of guests".[15]

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