Recording Fails

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In Achievement Hunter videos, there are several fails in which someone either "drops frames" (in other words, their capture fails), or forgets to begin recording. They often happen at bad times, in pressure situations, or have funny results.

Dropping Frames[edit | edit source]

"Dropping frames", usually referring to framerate in videos, is Achievement Hunter's term for their capture failing. Notable times include:

  • Jack somehow winning the first race of Things to Do in GTA V: Mario Kart, then realizing he dropped frames.
  • Lindsay's capture stopping due to lack of storage space after the first race of Wacky Races.
  • Michael's capture failing in the final Terrorist Hunt mission from Rainbow Six Vegas.
  • Gavin dropping frames in the final round of Let's Play Call of Duty Ghosts: Onslaught DLC Free-For-All; Ryan would immediately follow with a from-above Panzerfaust kill on Ray.
  • Jeremy shut his capture down prematurely in a 7 Days to Die LP.

Forgetting to Record[edit | edit source]

There are times when someone forgets to record footage. These are usually funny, depending on when they happen. Notable times include:

  • Gavin forgetting to start his webcam in Obj Hunt Part 2.
  • Ray not having footage of the first few rounds of the first Battlefield Hardline episode.
  • Gavin forgetting to press record in Trials Evolution: DLC. He even synced.
  • Shaun Bolen not recording footage in GMod: Hide and Seek. Geoff once got worried that he wasn't recording himself, but his dark screen was due to being the seeker.
  • Gavin didn't have his webcam on in Fuel Part 3, then proceeded to use his phone as such.

Other Mishaps[edit | edit source]

  • Trevor's webcam died in recording Murder Part 3, so his screen was identified via Ryan's webcam.
  • Many video censor bars, usually due to bad words (mostly Gavin) or scenes (such as one from Crime Lord) Geoff says to censor if Millie watches.
  • Audio fails, mostly yelling too loudly or lost audio.