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A page dedicated to Ray Narvaez Jr's commentary in Achievement Hunter videos.

Let's Play Minecraft[edit | edit source]


"Found Roses, let's play over!"

"I'm going cakeless."

"One, two, three, four, Ray is the Winner!"

"Let it rain roses!"

"Follow the Ray train."

Gavin: "Hold my nose... hold my breath..."   Ray: "That's a lot of nose to hold."

"Holy shit, I found a sheep!"


"Flower go!"

"Flynt Coal?"

"One, two, three, four, and a-fuck it, there you go!"

"Tuxedo Mask!"


"That frienderman is now an enemyderman."

"No way in! No way out!"

"As you guys know, I am a fan of blazing it up and smoking dat 'erb."

"Just blaze!"

"I'd like to thank my mom, for being very supportive by calling my teddy bear'gay'."

"Nah, Puerto Rican pull out, don't be a bitch."

"Look, the gang's all here. You got Exodia, Scott Pilgrim, Tuxedo Mask, and Applejack."

"People wonder why I don't participate. 'Cause when I win, I lose. And when I lose, I lose."

VS[edit | edit source]

"Is Uranus still a planet?"

Gavin: "Who's gonna throw a bloody axe in a shooting game?"   Ray: "Puerto Ricans!"

London 2012[edit | edit source]

"Hey can I be Jamaica? Dude, you're Jamaican me crazy!."

"Puerto Rico!"

Shark Attack[edit | edit source]

"Puerto Rican coming at you with a knife! What are you gonna do?"


"What are you gonna do? Puerto Rican with a blade! Puerto Rican with a blade!"

"I'm trying to quick scope you."

"Oh my god. Craziest fuckin' thing ever. Now's my time to strike!"

"Oh, double kill! Double kill! Oh, I'm so good! I'm so good!"

"There's a bloody Puerto Rican in the water, too!"

Let's Play GTA[edit | edit source]

GTA IV[edit | edit source]

"Stop in the name of law, Geoff! Stop in the name of the law!"

"Scooter Patrol, it's Scooter Patrol!'

"I am now Moto-Cop."

"Puerto Rican with an RPG!"

"Scooter Patrol, Scooter Wheelie yeah!"

GTA V[edit | edit source]

"The fuck train has no brakes"

Various[edit | edit source]

  • Lindsay Jones: "How do you see..."   Ray: "With your eyes. Good joke, Ray. King of comedy."

(From the RTExtraLife Live Stream)

  • "I'm pretty sure Stephen Hawking could kick further." (Let's Play Madden '13 Superbowl Edition)
  • "Hispanic at the disco." (Let's Play The Ship Part 1)
  • "I have two watches on 'cause its always time to diddle." (Let's Play WWE 2K14)
  • "Geoff finished the board so he could watch us peasants play." (Let's play Peggle 2)

(From Worms Part 1)

"Now hide, Sophie Dee!"

"Faye Reagan Is the champion of the world!"

"No, Nikki Rhodes! My Wife!"

(From Monopoly)

(To whomever lands on Tennessee Ave) "You're the only Ten I see."

(From Jeopardy and as a running gag afterwards)


(From Let's Play Family Feud) To Gavin: "WOW NUMBER 7 WAY TO GO CHAMP!"