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New Employees is a Rooster Teeth Short, uploaded to Youtube on May 14, 2010, about Burnie supposedly introducing two "new" employees to the work at Rooster Teeth

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Summary[edit | edit source]

The short begins with Jack and Brandon sitting in a small conference room. Burnie walks in and "mistakes" them as new workers. He then goes over their names. Finding Brandon's name sounding too "similar" to his name, he renames him "Milton". He finds Jack's name too similar to his kid's name, so he renames him to "Farnsworth". He gives them their respective name tags, but didn't spell out "Milton's" name completely. He then has them both go through a health screening, but decides to have them do it together. When asked if he has any STDs, "Miltion" replies that he doesn't, but both Burnie and "Farnsworth" assume he does, despite his protests. Burnie then points out "Farnsworth's" issue with excessive sweat. Burnie then states that he will make them share the same chair, with each taking turns sitting on each other's laps, and gives them a degrading assignment. As Burnie leaves the room, he speaks with Gus, who reveals that the meeting was supposed to be for Burnie to "fire" the two, but Burnie couldn't bring himself to state it directly. Burnie tries to further convince them to "leave" by making them use the same cup for a drug test.