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Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. The series narrates the daily events of Night Vale, a fictitious town in the Southwestern United States, in the format of a fortnightly radio show. The series has been running since June 2012, with an episode typically being released on the first and fifteenth day of each month. Alongside these, there have also been several live episodes that were performed during extensive tours across Europe and North America.[1] Audio recordings of these live events have also been released. Additionally, several bonus episodes with guest writers were released during a short hiatus in November 2014.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Main series[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Written by The Weather Date Running Time
1"Pilot"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"These and More Than These" by Joseph FinkJune 15, 201220:46
"A new dog park opens in Night Vale. Carlos, a scientist, visits and discovers some interesting things. Seismic things. Plus, a helpful guide to surveillance helicopter-spotting."[2]
2"Glow Cloud"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"The Bus is Late" by Satellite HighJuly 1, 201219:57
"A mysterious, glowing cloud makes its way across Night Vale. Plus, new Boy Scouts hierarchy, community events calendar, and a PTA bake sale for a great cause!"[2]
3"Station Management"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Bill & Annie" by Chuck BrodskyJuly 15, 201220:33
"It's contract renewal time with station management, and negotiations get tricky. Plus, a new city litter initiative, books stop working, and a creeping fear comes to town!"[2]
4"PTA Meeting"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Closer" by The TinyAugust 1, 201222:53
"Last night's PTA meeting accidentally opens a rift in spacetime, and Night Vale faces the consequences. Plus, changes afoot at the Night Vale Daily Journal, controversy at Radon Canyon, and our annual high school football preview!"[2]
5"The Shape In Grove Park"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Jerusalem" by Dan BernAugust 15, 201220:48
"A protest against the removal of the Shape in Grove Park That No One Acknowledges Or Speaks About. Plus, changes to the school curriculum, a growing tarantula problem in town, and musical auditions!"[2]
6"The Drawbridge"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Aye" by DioSeptember 1, 201222:42
"The city faces extensive delays in the revitalization of the Old Town Drawbridge. Plus, time for another pledge drive, changes afoot at the Night Vale Daily Journal, and good news for radio controlled airplane hobbyists!"[2]
7"History Week"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Despite What You've Been Told" by Two GallantsSeptember 15, 201224:22
"Learn about the storied history of Night Vale during this special week's celebration. Plus, psychological assaults on tourists, highway construction announcements, and metal detectors in schools!"[2]
8"The Lights in Radon Canyon"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"This Too Shall Pass" by Danny SchmidtOctober 1, 201223:52
"Mysterious lights and sounds are coming from Radon Canyon. Plus, tips on how to win the town lottery, our newest (incorporeal) School Board member, and the abandoned mineshaft finally gets HBO!"[2]
9""PYRAMID""Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Messages from the pyramid by Regis Lacher."Last Song" by Jason WebleyOctober 15, 201223:35
"A large, philosophical pyramid appears in town, announcing several messages, but is it what it seems? Plus, best practices for regular skin-checks, an update on the levitating cat, and whatever happened to that vile barber?"[2]
10"Feral Dogs"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"i Know This" by Rachel KannNovember 1, 201224:34
"A roving pack of feral dogs terrorizes Night Vale. Plus, a new installment of Community Health Tips, the Fireperson Appreciation Parade, and free admission day at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies!"[2]
11"Wheat & Wheat By-Products"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Cigarette Burns Forever" by Adam GreenNovember 15, 201221:54
"An important announcement from the Night Vale Council for Commerce to regularly consume wheat & wheat by-products. Plus, the dangers of discount bloodstones, property taxes going up, and changes afoot in our health insurance policies!"[2]
12"The Candidate"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Of a Friday Night" by Anais MitchellDecember 1, 201223:32
"The search for a dangerous fugitive finally comes to an end, but he's gaining some unexpected popularity. Plus, what to do about those noisy sunsets. City Council regects "breath entitlements," and more issues with Santa Claus at the Night Vale mall."[2]
13"A Story About You."Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"You Don't Know" by Mount MoonDecember 15, 201225:33
"You listen to a podcast. You check the episode description to see what is in store this time. It is a different kind of description than you are used to. You suspect the episode will be a different kind of episode than you are used to. You listen."[2]
14"The Man in the Tan Jacket"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Movement 1: Invocation of the Duke" by daKAH Hip Hop OrchestraJanuary 1, 201324:18
"A stranger comes to town with a briefcase and an unmemorable face. Plus, controversy with the Daily Journal, another segment of Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and new security footage from the bowling alley."[2]
15"Street Cleaning Day"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"A Little Irony" by Tom MilsomJanuary 15, 201323:02
"Today is Street Cleaning Day, and the street cleaners will soon be upon us. Remain calm, and run away screaming. Plus, new music trends from Dark Owl Records, the crackdown on wheat & wheat by-product speakeasies, and we take a look at clouds."[2]
16"The Phone Call"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Those Days Are Gone and My Heart is Breaking" by Barton CarrollFebruary 1, 201324:52
"Cecil receives a cryptic phone call from someone who is very close. Plus, a new business plan at the Daily Journal, an important list from the Sheriff's Secret Police, and improvements at the public library."[2]
17"Valentine"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Neptune's Jewels" by MysticFebruary 15, 201325:40
"Emergency crews are on hand to help cleanup the aftermath of the worst Valentine's Day in recent memories. Plus, important schedule changes at the Night Vale Airport, the City Council votes to choose an official town language, and updates on the Post Office."[2]
18"The Traveler"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Lead story by Zack Parsons."Jews for Jesus Blues" by Clem SnideMarch 1, 201325:26
"A traveler arrives in Night Vale. What does he want? Why has Jerry's Tacos returned? Plus, the mayor calls an emergency press conference, another round of corrections, and a look at the community calendar."[2]
19A"The Sandstorm (Part 1)"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Eliezer's Waltz" by Larry Cardozo and Ron Fink, performed by The Ventura Klezmer BandMarch 15, 201325:08
"A dangerous sandstorm threatens Night Vale. Plus, baseball opening day, a look at financial news, and Cecil finds himself in a strange new place."[2] Guest voice: Kevin R. Free
19B"The Sandstorm (Part 2)"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Eliezer's Waltz" by Larry Cardozo and Ron Fink, performed by DisparitionMarch 15, 201324:09
"A dangerous sandstorm threatens Desert Bluffs. Plus baseball opening day, a look at financial news, and Kevin finds himself in a strange new place."[2] Guest voice: Kevin R. Free
20"Poetry Week"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Additional contributions from: Trilety Wade, Russel Swenson, Vanessa Irena, Katherine Ciel, Erika Paschold, and Danielle DuBois."Get Me Home" by Robin AignerApril 1, 201330:00
"It's Poetry Week in Night Vale and folks get a look at a place that should never be seen. Plus, strange new billboards about town and renovations completed at the Night Vale Zoo."[2]
21"A Memory of Europe"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Sni Bong" by Dengue FeverApril 15, 201329:53
"Springtime brings with it pleasant memories of a long ago trip to Europe. Plus, exciting news about the end of the world and important information about spiders."[2]
22"The Whispering Forest"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Winifred" by Seth BoyerMay 1, 201326:21
"A beautiful and alluring forest suddenly appears just outside of town. Plus, school closings, a dream journal mandate, and a moon exhibit at the Children's Science Museum."[2]
23"Eternal Scouts"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Too Much Time" by John VandersliceMay 15, 201326:23
"Two Night Vale Boy Scouts become the first to ever achieve the rank of Eternal Scout. Plus, an update on the floating cat, changes in who gets to die, and a recruitment drive for a vague yet menacing government agency."[2]
24"The Mayor"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Biblical Violence" by HellaJune 1, 201328:49
"The Mayor has gone missing. Plus, Night Vale Community Theater presence Once on this Island, the return of Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and an update on the Apache Tracker."[2]
25"One Year Later"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Sunday Morning Stasis" by Joseph FinkJune 15, 201332:13
"It has been one year since the first episode. One year since strange things began underneath lane five of the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex. One year since the arrival of Night Vale's most beautiful person: Carlos."[2]
26"The Faceless Old Woman"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Long Gone" by Mary EpworthJuly 1, 201324:57
"There is a faceless old woman secretly living in your home, and she has something she needs to say. Plus former intern Dana is still alive and texting us from the forbidden Dog Park, Community Health Tips, and an update on the kittens."[2] Guest voice: Mara Wilson
27"First Date"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Team the Best Team" by DoomtreeJuly 15, 201331:00
"Cecil tries to convey the important news of the day, including delivery of some mysterious crates in the desert, a new library expansion, and the annual Bluegrass Festival, but he has a more pressing issue on his mind."[2]
28"Summer Reading Program"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Ashley Lierman"You and I Belong" by Simone FeliceAugust 1, 201324:57
"The Library's Summer Reading Program has begun, sending the town into a panic. Plus, a tough new mandate from the City Council, a list of useful things, and changes afoot in the Freemasons. "[2]
29"Subway"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Russel Swenson"Poor in Love" by DestroyerAugust 15, 201324:54
"An entire subway system appears suddenly in Night Vale, and the City Council is excited by the possibilities. Plus, tips for organ donors, a look into financial news, and a popular new service in town."[2]
30"Dana"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"The Lethal Temptress" by The Mendoza LineSeptember 1, 201326:02
"Intern Dana finds a way out of the Dog Park but can't quite figure out where it leads. Plus, a look at opening weekend of football season, helpful tips on adopting a dog from the SPCA, and Carlos visits the house that doesn't exist."[2] Guest voice: Jasika Nicole.
31"A Blinking Light up on the Mountain"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Never Be Famous" by HussaloniaSeptember 15, 201324:36
"There's a blinking light up on the mountain, which challenges our belief in mountains. Plus, a controversial new television show and a message from the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home."[2] Guest voice: Mara Wilson.
32"Yellow Helicopters"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Palabras de papel" by Nelson PobleteOctober 1, 201328:35
"There are strange new helicopters above Night Vale, different from the other helicopters that regularly hover over town. Plus, Community Health Tips, surgery for NVHS's starting quarterback, and a message from Hiram McDaniels."[2] Guest voice: Jackson Publick.
33"Cassette"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Big Houses" by SqualloscopeOctober 15, 201328:06
"Cecil finds an old cassette tape of himself at age 15, and he is surprised at what it contains. Plus, a new exhibit at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies, Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and an important message from new station management."[2]
34"A Beautiful Dream"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Zack Parsons"Having Fun" by Tom MilsomNovember 1, 201329:56
"The Wallaby family successfully lobbies the School Board to finally allow a computer in school to help their daughter Megan. Plus, a concert from Dark Owl Records and Amnesty Day at the public library."[2]
35"Lazy Day"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Mijn Manier" by BrainpowerNovember 15, 201328:40
"It's a totally lazy day in Night Vale. Feeling really tired. Increasingly tired. Here's some news, I guess: updates on the Summer Reading Program, the Brown Stone Spire, and a delicious new cereal on the market. Just so lazy. Everything slowing down."[2]
36"Missing"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Peanuts" by Sam 'n AshDecember 1, 201329:29
"An urgent call to all listeners as 13-year-old Tamika Flynn has gone missing. Plus another edition of Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, breaking traffic news, and the Community Calendar."[2]
37"The Auction"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Glen David Gold"Absentee" by Jack CampbellDecember 15, 201330:00
"The Sheriff's Secret Police are holding their annual auction of seized property, and our favorite community radio hold finds Lot 37 particularly interesting. Plus, a new challenger for the mayoral title and some great advice for toddlers."[2]
38"Orange Grove"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Black White and Red" by Emrys CroninJanuary 1, 201426:55
"John Peters - you know the farmer? - had a huge, healthy orange crop this year. But Carlos grows skeptical about a sudden orange grove in the desert. Plus, the City Council tries to get out of town, and an important correction to a previous story."[2]
39"The Woman From Italy"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Additional material by Glen David Gold."Penn Station" by The Felice BrothersJanuary 15, 201427:17
"A woman from Italy arrived in our town, and we're not quite sure what she wants or what she is doing to us with her presence. Plus, a local hardware store cracks down on the crowds of baristas outside their shop, and update on Khoskekh's kittens, and a look at traffic."[2]
40"The Deft Bowman"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Additional material by Zack Parsons."Offering" by Black City LightsFebruary 1, 201429:20
"The Telephone Service finally fixes the only telephone booth in town, and a submarine arrives from faraway Nulogorsk. Plus, a new campaign from the Tourism Board, we meet our station's newest program director, and strange texts from a mountaintop, if you can believe that."[2]
41"WALK"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor."What Have They Done to You Now" by Daniel KnoxFebruary 15, 201426:21
"Walk signals are malfunctioning all over town. Plus, updates from former intern Dana and a look at the Community Calendar"[2] Guest voice: Jasika Nicole.
42"Numbers"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor."Keep it Coming" by Senim SillaMarch 1, 201430:27
"Some strange new developments at the local numbers station, WZZZ. Plus, an update on former intern Dana, tips on how to get out of a geographical loop, and constant press conferences from outgoing mayor Pamela Winchell."[2] Guest voice: Molly Quinn.
43"Visitor"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor."Cover Me Up" by Jason IsbellMarch 15, 201430:25
"An adorable new visitor makes its way into the radio studio. Plus, controversy in the mayoral race, an update on the house that doesn't exist, and a look the community calendar."[2] Guest voice: Kevin R. Free.
44"Cookies"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor."Haunted" by Maya KernApril 1, 201425:12
"It's Girl Scout cookies time in Night Vale. Plus, an updates from Khoshekh and Dana, a safety announcement from the Highway Department, and a magnanimous gesture from station management." Guest Voices: Jasika Nicole, Lauren Sharpe
45"A Story About Them"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Pretty Little Head" by Eliza RickmanApril 15, 201430:25
"This is a story about Them, one that you were never meant to hear."
46"Parade Day"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Take Up Your Spade" by Sara WatkinsMay 1, 201431:00
"It's Parade Day in Night Vale. It's totally just a parade and not a subterfuge for any kind of insurgency or revolt against a corpocratic regime."
47"Company Picnic"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Stupid" by Brendan MacleanMay 15, 201422:44
"Good news for the Greater Desert Bluffs Metropolitan Area: StrexCorp is hosting its first ever Company Picnic. It is a fun, cheerful, mandatory event." Guest voices: Kevin R. Free and Lauren Sharpe
48"Renovations"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"High Tide Rising" by FoxJune 1, 201427:01
"StrexCorp begins massive renovations on the radio station and all of Night Vale. Plus, updates from the Company Picnic of Indeterminate Length, free floating cats for anyone who wants them, and a strange new art print." Guest voices: Kevin R. Free and Lauren Sharpe
49"Old Oak Doors Part A"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranorn/aJune 15, 201442:46
"Night Vale begins its revolt against StrexCorp, and old oak doors are opening all over town. Good things are coming through. Terrible things are coming through. Also there's a mayoral election." Part 1 of 2. Recorded Live at the Town Hall theatre in New York City on June 4, 2014. Guest Voices: Meg Bashwiner, Lauren Sharpe, Kevin R. Free, Jackson Publick, Mara Wilson, Symphony Sanders, Jasika Nicole, Dylan Marron, Mark Gagliardi, and Maureen Johnson.
49"Old Oak Doors Part B"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Call Off Your Ghost" by Dessa featuring Aby Wolf and Paper TigerJuly 1, 201446:16
"Night Vale begins its revolt against StrexCorp, and old oak doors are opening all over town. Good things are coming through. Terrible things are coming through. Also there's a mayoral election." Guest Voices (part 2): Hal Lublin, Kevin R. Free, Jasika Nicole, Symphony Sanders, Dylan Marron, Jackson Publick, and Mara Wilson. Part 2 of 2. Recorded Live at the Town Hall theatre in New York City on June 4, 2014.
50"Capital Campaign"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor with Ashley Lierman"Ghost Story" by Charming DisasterJuly 15, 201430:06
"The Night Vale Community College begins a capital campaign to fund a new science center. Tourniquet hires a new sous chef, inauguration day for the new mayor, and an update from the otherworld desert."
51"Rumbling"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Echo in the Hills" by Carrie Elkin and Danny SchmidtAugust 1, 201429:45
"Carlos reports on strange developments in the otherworld desert. Plus new announcements from a new mayor, a look at horoscopes, and a message from Desert Bluffs." Guest voice: Dylan Marron
52"The Retirement of Pamela Winchell"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Here I Land" by Nicolas StevensonAugust 15, 201432:38
"Mayor Pamela Winchell enjoys her retirement from politics, she's being offered a new job. Plus, renovations at the bowling alley, updates from the desert otherworld, and a review of the new restaurant Tourniquet."
53"The September Monologues"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranorexcerpt of "Postcard from 1952" by Explosions in the Sky [3]September 1, 201424:43
"It's September and the things have gone funny. Just...funny, you know?" Guest voices: Mara Wilson, Kate Jones, and Hal Lublin.
54"A Carnival Comes to Town"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Bremen" by PigPen Theatre CoSeptember 15, 201430:32
"A carnival comes to town. Plus the Cleaning of Books, breaking ground at the new old Opera House, and an intern returns... again." Guest voices: Dylan Marron.
55"The University of What It Is"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Catfish" by WaxahatcheeOctober 1, 201430:36
"A representative from the University of What It Is calls the station to find a missing colleague. Plus, an update on the cats, the Barista Cultural Fair, and corrections."
56"Homecoming"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Understood" by Y.R GenerationOctober 15, 201431:11
"An athletic scandal threatens the annual Night Vale High School Homecoming Game. Plus, a seismological update and a new cooking segment with an old friend." Guest voice: Wil Wheaton
57"The List"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Upside Down World" by Paisley RaeDecember 1, 201430:23
"Do you remember that list you were given to memorize? You should have memorized that list exactly. Plus, a finding in the desert, what is opera, and meatless mondays."
58"Monolith"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Anything I Want You To" by The RizzosDecember 15, 201432:12
"A stone monolith appears overnight in front of City Hall. Plus, a former high school quarterback playing college football, opening ceremonies at the Drawbridge, and updates from the desert otherworld."
59"Antiques"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"State of Mind" by Stöj SnakJanuary 1, 201531:45
"The Antiques have escaped from the Antiques Mall. Plus, a very scientific update from afar, new management at StrexCorp, and the return of Children's Fun Fact Science Corner." Guest voice: Dylan Marron
60"Water Failure"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Just Like My Heart" by Fault Lines[4]January 15, 201529:47
"The water isn't working at the radio station, which is super annoying. Oh, also it seems the sun is multiplying. Plus, a college football update, a request for some time off, and controversy with the local TV news." Guest voices: Erica Livingston, Christopher Loar, and Flor De Liz Perez.
61"BRINY DEPTHS"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"The Bends" by DoomtreeFebruary 1, 201530:50
"A vague yet menacing government agency needs a special message delivered. Plus, Cooking Stuff with Earl Harlan, a mysterious thank-you card, and strange goings on near the haunted baseball diamond." Guest voice: Wil Wheaton
62"Hatchets"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Anarchy Date" by Queer RocketFebruary 15, 201533:07
"Night Vale Daily Journal editor Leann Hart announces changes at the newspaper, while continuing a successful execution of her most controversial business plan. Plus, a station editorial, a look at local traffic, and a parade for a local sports hero."
63"There Is No Part 1: Part 2"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Heel Turn 2" by The Mountain GoatsMarch 1, 201530:49
"An exciting conclusion to the day-long Sand Golem saga at City Hall. Plus, repairs at the bowling alley, Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and who won that auction?"
64"WE MUST GIVE PRAISE"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"True Trans Soul Rebel" by Against Me!March 15, 201528:08
"The president of the School Board confronts critics of the school district's five-year strategic plan. Plus, the hunt for two fugitives, some fun events on the community calendar, and a look at financial news."
65"Voicemail"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Tag!" by ScarvesApril 1, 201524:02
"You have reached the voicemail of Cecil Gershwin Palmer." Guest voices: Dylan Marron, Kate Jones, Hal Lublin, Symphony Sanders, Wil Wheaton, Molly Quinn, Meg Bashwiner, Mara Wilson, Retta, Jasika Nicole, Jackson Publick, Erica Livingston, Christopher Lore, Kevin R. Free.
66"worms...."Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Little Black Star" by Hurray for the Riff RaffApril 15, 201526:40
"The worms have returned to Night Vale. Plus a new Book Club in town, spring Little League baseball tryouts, and an update on the search for two fugitives." Guest voice: Mara Wilson.
67"[Best Of?]"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"When Can I Say That I Love You" by Kyle FlemingMay 1, 201528:56
"A look back at some of the best Cecil broadcasts we have never heard before."
68"Faceless Old Women"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Matches" by Sifu HotmanMay 15, 201528:08
"The Sheriff's Secret Police track down a fugitive. Plus, stories from vacation, some progress at the new Old Night Vale Opera House, and another edition of "Hey There, Cecil.""
69"Fashion Week"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Evelyn" by Kim Tillman & Silent FilmsJune 1, 201526:33
"It's Fashion Week, Night Vale's hippest event. Who will be spared from the sphere? Plus, ongoing investigations into the disappearances at the Shambling Orphan housing development, an update on the opera house, and an important News announcement."
70A"Taking Off"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Pyramid" by Jason WebleyJune 15, 201527:00
"It's the first broadcast of a new radio station in a desert otherworld. Plus, a huge research project reaches its conclusion." Guest voices: Kevin R. Free, Dylan Marron.
70B"Review"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Align" by Aby WolfJune 15, 201530:40
"A review of opening night at the new Old Night Vale Opera House."
71"The Registry of Middle School Crushes"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"My Postcard" by Toys and Tiny InstrumentsAugust 1, 201529:21
"A heist is planned. Plus the answer to last week's quiz and news about The Trial of the Century."
72"Well of Night"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Children of God" by Andrew Jackson JihadAugust 15, 201525:27
"Chanting dancers keep the town up all night. Plus, a seance at Dark Owl Records, traffic congestion in downtown, and a fireworks spectacular."
73"Triptych"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"The Heroine" by UnwomanSeptember 1, 201527:41
"There seems to be something wrong with the broadcast signal. Do you hear that?"
74"Civic Changes"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"I Love You Oddly" by Rebecca AngelSeptember 15, 201527:07
"The city council makes an announcement about the dog park. Plus, the start of the new high school football season and an update on the hole in the vacant lot." Guest voices: Mark Gagliardi, Desiree Burch.
75"Through the Narrow Place"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Black Eyes" by David WirsigOctober 1, 201529:58
"It's time for Night Vale's annual marathon. Plus, economic turmoil in Desert Bluffs, horoscopes, and another edition of "Hey There, Cecil.""
76"An Epilogue"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Endless Dream" by God Is An AstronautOctober 15, 201528:56
"In just a few days the whole story will be known. This is what happens after."
77"A Stranger"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Meet You at the Gate" by Jayne TrimbleOctober 31, 201527:55
"A stranger's presence disturbs the radio station. Plus, an appeal for support from the mayor, another edition of Children's Fun Fact Science Corner, and a look at the community calendar." Guest voices: Jasika Nicole, Meg Bashwiner.
78"Cooking Stuff: Thanksgiving Special"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Autumn's Echo" by Stripmall ArchitectureNovember 15, 201525:32
"Spice up that stuffy old stuffing with a Thanksgiving edition of 'Cooking Stuff with Earl Harlan.'" Guest voices: Wil Wheaton, Meg Bashwiner.
79"Lost in the Mail"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor and Zack Parsons"Sharon" by Good San JuanDecember 1, 201528:43
"It's Remembrance Day, which means it's time for us to honor those who will someday be lost in the Blood Space War with the most solemn event possible: a fun parade! Also we hear from one young Night Vale citizen whose life has already been changed forever by this future war." Guest voices: Aliee Chan.
80"A New Sheriff in Town"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"She Knows" by John FullbrightDecember 15, 201527:48
"There's a new sheriff in Night Vale, and they want changes. Plus, Cecil runs into a former intern, the court develops some A.I. dragons, and a message about getting into the holiday spirit."
81"After 3327"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Table Song" by Katie KuffelFebruary 1, 201626:49
"Night Vale High School’s AP Auto Shop teacher demonstrates some of his inventions at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies. Plus, a visit from an adorable puppy, an update on the Trial of the Century, and a look at the Community Calendar." Guest voices: Maureen Johnson.
82"Skating Rink"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Thinking of Milk" by Tristan HazeFebruary 15, 201626:59
"Teddy Williams opens a new skating rink at the Arcade Fun Complex. Plus, a public announcement about flowers, an update on the strangers, and a phone call from the jailhouse." Guest voices: Meg Bashwiner, Jackson Publick.
83"One Normal Town"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"The Sky Is Calling" by Kim BoekbinderMarch 1, 201624:25
"The town of Desert Bluffs is no more. Plus, an update from Paul Birmingham, a look at traffic, and changes afoot at the Ralphs."
84"Past Time"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"The River, The Woods" by AstronautalisMarch 15, 201626:14
"It's little league baseball season. Plus, an update from Hiram, an important new health study, and another edition of Hey There Cecil." Guest voices: Jackson Publick.
85"The April Monologues"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorIt varies, depending on where you are and when.April 1, 201625:49
"It is April, and, once again, something is different." Guest voices: Mara Wilson, Kate Jones, Hal Lublin.
86"Standing and Breathing"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Well-dressed" by Hop AlongApril 15, 201626:52
"They are not from here." Guest voices: Molly Quinn.
87"The Trial of Hiram McDaniels"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Cocaine" by Holy MolyMay 1, 201628:00
"It's the trial of the century."
88"Things Fall Apart"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Palestine" by Sam Baker featuring Carrie ElkinMay 15, 201627:23
"Things fall apart." Guest voices: Erica Livingston, Christopher Loar, Dylan Marron, Emma Frankland, Kate Jones, and Maureen Johnson.
89"Who's a Good Boy? Part 1"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Plunder" by The Felice BrothersJune 1, 201628:49
"Who's a good boy? Who is it? Who is it?"
90"Who's a Good Boy? Part 2"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"The Queer Gospel" by Erin McKeownJune 15, 201629:30
"Who's a good boy? Who is it? Who is it?"
91"The 12:37"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor and James Moran"Windows" by Angel OlsenAugust 1, 201627:28
"The 12:37 train has arrived. Plus, a crowd gathers on Somerset and the return of Laser Tag."
92"If He Had Lived"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Opposite House" by Cass McCombsAugust 15, 201627:30
"This week is National Alternate History Week. Plus an update on the Beatrix Lohman Memorial Meditation Zone, a warning from the National Weather Service, and Children's Fun Fact Science Corner. "
93"Big Sister"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Mary On A Wave" by Okkervil RiverSeptember 1, 201625:30
"New guests arrive in town. Plus, a bake sale the elementary school, the start of football season, and changes at the Night Vale chapter of the NRA."
94"All Right"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Plough" by Speedy OrtizSeptember 15, 201624:26
"Everything is all right."
95"Zookeeper"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Coffee" by Sylvan EssoOctober 1, 201624:47
"Zookeeper Joanna Rey brings some animals to the studio. Plus, an update on Old Woman Josie, dragons in town, and a look at traffic. Guest voice: Felicia Day"
96"Negotiations"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"A Trip Out" by British Sea PowerOctober 15, 201625:19
"Negotiations with the dragons have begun. Plus the reopening of the Earth Sciences Department at the Community College, what we know and don't know, and a look at the Community Calendar." Guest voices: Jasika Nicole, Symphony Sanders.
97"Josefina"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Everywhere" by Ex HexNovember 1, 201623:11
"A visit with an old friend. Plus, updates on Hiram, and changes to the subway." Guest voices: Retta.
98"Flight"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Icarus" by SimsNovember 15, 201626:17
"It is Execution Day."
99"Michigan"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Quiet Americans" by ShearwaterDecember 1, 201627:04
"Station intern Kareem writes home and receives an unexpected reply."
100"Toast"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Second Song" by Joseph FinkDecember 15, 201630:11
"Welcome to Night Vale's 100th Episode. A toast! Guest voices: Cecil Baldwin, James Urbaniak, Mara Wilson, Annie Savage, Mark Gagliardi, Emma Frankland, Meg Bashwiner, Jackson Publick, Kate Jones, Maureen Johnson, Erica Livingston, Christopher Loar, Kevin R. Free, Lauren Sharpe, Felicia Day, Marc Evan Jackson, Molly Quinn, Fred (the OS computer voice), Wil Wheaton, Symphony Sanders, Aliee Chan, Jasika Nicole, Desiree Burch, Retta, Hal Lublin, Dylan Marron, Jeffrey Cranor, and Flor De Liz Perez."
101"Guidelines for Disposal"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor and Brie Williams"Letters" by Lera LynnJanuary 31, 201724:59
"Mandatory Annual Spring Cleaning Day is coming. Here are the guidelines for the new municipal landfill facility."
102"Love Is a Shambling Thing"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Listening to TPM" by Brook PridemoreFebruary 14, 201723:21
"City Council has a renewed interest in love."
103"Ash Beach"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Faded" by P.O.SFebruary 28, 201726:42
"After a dozen years of restoration, Ash Beach has reopened."
104"The Hierarchy of Angels"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Qualified" by Sammus featuring Open Mike EagleMarch 14, 201730:26
"Let's Start the News with something happy."
105"What Happened at the Smithwick House"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"You Cannot" by Erin McKeownMarch 31, 201728:28
"Here's what happened at the Smithwick house."
106"Filings"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"All or Nothing" by The Dream MasonsApril 14, 201727:53
"The angels go to the Hall of Public Records."
107"The Missing Sky"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"The Ends and the Means" by Robby HechtApril 30, 201731:13
"A faint popping can be heard below the earth."
108"Cal"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Robert Frost" by Mal BlumMay 14, 201726:48
"A visitor arrives from a different reality."
109"A Story About Huntokar"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Full Metal Black" by The Royal TheyMay 31, 201724:04
"This is a story about Huntokar."
110"Matryoshka"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Everyone I Know Will Die" by Erin LovettJune 14, 201735:41
"There are glowing arrows in the sky."
111"Summer 2017, Night Vale, USA"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Andromeda" by AirospaceJuly 31, 201723:56
"Everything is the same. Everything is different."
112"Citizen Spotlight"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Brie Williams"Try Try Try" by Rachael SageAugust 14, 201755:38
"Let's profile a randomly selected citizen."
113"Niecelet"Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Dessa"If We Live" by DisparitionAugust 31, 201733:04
"There's a new member of the family."
114"Council Member Flynn, Part 1"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Song For Myself" by Bears with Eagle ArmsSeptember 14, 201731:30
"The City Council deals with a crime spree in their own City Council way. (Part 1 of 3)"
115"Council Member Flynn, Part 2"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"TMI" by JoseySeptember 30, 201724:21
"Councilwoman Flynn takes charge with help from Citizen Patrols. (Part 2 of 3)"
116"Council Member Flynn, Part 3"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Animal Skin" by Bryan DunnOctober 14, 201723:51
"A pep rally at the Night Vale Armory. (Part 3 of 3)"
117"eGemony, Part 1: "Canadian Club""Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Glen David Gold"Lost Everything" by Mary EpworthOctober 31, 201724:14
"Part 1 of 3: A case of Canadian Club has been hidden in Night Vale."
118"eGemony, Part 2: "The Cavelands""Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Glen David Gold"Glitter" by Charly BlissNovember 14, 201726:59
"Part 2 of 3: A venture into the underground home of the baristas."
119"eGemony, Part 3: "Love, Among Other Things, Is All You Need""Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor, and Glen David Gold"Turn Into It" by Jamey BrowningNovember 30, 201724:20
"Part 3 of 3: You need love. You may also need other things."
120"All Smiles' Eve"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Fast Talker" by aj & the good intentionsDecember 14, 201722:52
"A happy celebration of a happy holiday story from a desert otherworld."
121"A Story of Love and Horror, Part 1: "Barks""Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Riches and Wonders" by Eliza Rickman & Jherek BischoffJanuary 31, 201822:55
"A story of love and horror. Part 1 of 3."

Live episodes[edit | edit source]

Exclusive double-length shows have been performed live during Welcome to Night Vale's tours. Recordings of selected performances have been posted for sale on Bandcamp and the iTunes music store. "Old Oak Doors", the second anniversary live show, was split in two and released via the podcast as episode 49 in two parts. (see above).

Title Written by The Weather First performance Recording date Release date Running Time
"Condos"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Double Feature" by Satellite High (September 25, 2013)
"Remember Us" by Gabriel Royal (18 December 2013)
September 25, 2013 (2013-09-25)December 18, 2013 (2013-12-18)February 14, 201456:00
"Condos have come to Night Vale, and everyone in town is coming to get one of these perfect new homes, including a certain scientist. Plus, a new wing at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies, visits from the mayoral candidates, and a very specific look at traffic."[5] Guest Voices: Dylan Marron (December 18, 2013), Mara Wilson, Jackson Publick
"The Debate"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Promise to the Moon" by Jason WebleyOctober 10, 2013 (2013-10-10)October 10, 2013 (2013-10-10)May 1, 201459:00
"Cecil hosts a debate live in the Night Vale Community Radio Studio. Candidates Hiram McDaniels, the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Live in Your Home, and a surprise guest make their case for becoming the next mayor of Night Vale. Meanwhile some strange deer are taking over town."[6] Guest Voices: Jackson Publick, Mara Wilson, Marc Evan Jackson, Hal Lublin, Mark Gagliardi, Annie Savage, Kevin R. Free
"Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Crossover"Ben Acker & Ben Blacker and Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor"Captain Laserbeam Theme" by Steve Carlsberg (Hal Lublin)July 26, 2014 (2014-07-26)July 26, 2014 (2014-07-26)October 1, 20141:31:52
"It's the big crossover episode between your two favorite podcasts/live shows: The Thrilling Adventure Hour and Welcome to Night Vale."[7] Guest Voices: Wil Wheaton, Marc Evan Jackson, Mark Gagliardi, Craig Cackowski, James Urbaniak, Jason Ritter, Michael McMillian, Molly Quinn, Jasika Nicole, Hal Lublin, Dylan Marron, Meg Bashwiner, Janet Varney, Paul Sabourin, Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo
"The Librarian"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Cinnamon Bone" by Eliza Rickman
"Sepentine Cycle of Money" by Carrie Elkin and Danny Schmidt (16 January 2015)
January 16, 2014 (2014-01-16)January 16, 2015 (2015-01-16)March 1, 20151:27:03
"A librarian has escaped from the Night Vale Public Library, and no one in town is safe from this unprecedented horror. Plus, today's horoscopes, the community calendar, and a new intern joins the station."[8] Guest Voices: Andrew WK, Meg Bashwiner, Symphony Sanders, Kate Jones, Hal Lublin , Dylan Marron, Mara Wilson. Release includes bonus tracks featuring guests from previous performances of this script Wil Wheaton, Molly Quinn, James Urbaniak, and Jason Webley.
"The Investigators"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Maker of My Sorrow" by Eliza RickmanMarch 25, 2015 (2015-03-25)TBAMay 20, 20162:13:24
"This album features a full-length performance of 'The Investigators.'"[9] Guest voices: Meg Bashwiner, Dylan Marron, Joseph Fink, Hal Lublin, Jeffrey Cranor, Symphony Sanders, and Desiree Burch.
"Ghost Stories"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Where Did I Go" by Erin McKeownFebruary 12, 2017 (2017-02-12)Misc.May 1, 20172:05:39
"This album features a full-length performance of 'Ghost Stories.'"[10] Guest voices: Meg Bashwiner, Symphony Sanders, Joseph Fink, Hal Lublin, and Desiree Burch.

Bonus episodes[edit | edit source]

The podcast took a hiatus from regular podcast episodes during November 2014. However, they produced two bonus episodes, composed of stories submitted for a book project that ultimately was not published. Further bonus episodes, excerpts from live shows, were subsequently released.

Episode Title Written by The Weather Date Running Time
1"Minutes"Ashley Lierman with Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Home" by Theo AdlerNovember 1, 201431:47
"A reading of the minutes from the Night Vale Community College Faculty Meeting."[2]
2"What of the Sea?"Marta Rainer with Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor"Ruins" by MortethNovember 15, 201421:27
"A letter arrives with a strange inscription."[2]
3"The Librarian" HoroscopesJoseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorN/AMarch 15, 20157:23
"An excerpt from our recorded live show, "The Librarian," recorded live on January 16, 2015 at Skirball Center, New York, NY."[2]
4"Pamela Winchell"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorN/AJuly 1, 20158:55
"An excerpt from our new touring live show "The Investigators," featuring Cecil Baldwin and Desiree Burch as former mayor Pamela Winchell."[2]
5"Excerpt from the novel"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorN/AJuly 15, 201524:36
"An excerpt from the audiobook of the Welcome to Night Vale novel, narrated by Cecil Baldwin."[2]
6"The Investigators"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorN/AMay 20, 20169:59
"Clips from our new live recording, The Investigators."[2]
7"The Investigators"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorN/AJune 3, 20167:35
"A bonus clip featuring Wil Wheaton from our new live recording, The Investigators."[2]
8"Ghost Stories"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorN/AMay 12, 20176:48
"A bonus excerpt from our just released live recording Ghost Stories."[2]
9"The Tragic Story of Louis Blasko"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorN/AJune 30, 20179:58
"Jason Webley as Louie Blasko in 'Ghost Stories.'"[2]
10"An Excerpt from the Next Night Vale Novel!"Joseph Fink and Jeffrey CranorN/AJuly 14, 201720:01
"An excerpt from the audiobook of the second Welcome to Night Vale novel, IT DEVOURS!, narrated by Cecil Baldwin."[2]

Remix episodes[edit | edit source]

Beginning in 2016, the podcast planned a hiatus during the month of January every year. During this time, remixes of old episodes are released in lieu of regular episodes.

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