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This is a list of Judge John Hodgman episodes produced and distributed since 2015 by Maximum Fun and hosted by humorist John Hodgman. Except where noted, every episode also features radio personality Jesse Thorn as co-host and "bailiff".

Since April 2012, titles of episodes are taken from suggestions posted on the show's official Facebook page by fans of the podcast.[1]

Beginning in 2014, some episodes are dedicated to Hodgman and Thorn discussing and ruling on cases which were not selected for a full hearing. Each such episode in which they "clear the docket" is listed as a "docket episode" (in italics) in the episode description.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Year Episodes Originally Released
First Released Last released Distributor
2010 8 November 1, 2010 December 20, 2010 Maximum Fun
2011 38 January 3, 2011 December 22, 2011
2012 44 January 4, 2012 December 26, 2012
2013 50 January 2, 2013 December 24, 2013
2014 51 January 1, 2014 December 31, 2014
2015 51 January 7, 2015 December 30, 2015
2016 51 January 7, 2016 December 28, 2016
2017 11 January 4, 2017 TBD
Special 3 January 13, 2011 April 29, 2016

2015[edit | edit source]

No. Episode Title Guest Bailiff Dispute Release Date
192 "Novus Annus, Novum Judicium" Docket episode January 7, 2015[2]
193 "The Secret Room of Chambers" Docket episode January 14, 2015[3]
194 "Do You Want to Hoard Some Snowglobes?" Jamie would like to dedicate a room in his house to his collection of Frozen merchandise, much to his husband's chagrin.

Expert witnesses Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez

January 21, 2015[4]
195 "The Grandfather Claws" Melanie believes her partner, Josh, coddles his aging cat too much. January 28, 2015[5]
196 "Mi Casa Es Shoeless Casa" Is Sean going overboard in insisting that all guests remove their shoes while inside his home? February 4, 2015[6]
197 "The Hodgman Dubbel" Docket episode February 11, 2015[7]
198 "Spit Decision, Live from SF Sketchfest" Debb's habit of asking her friend Bridget for and then eating her pre-chewed gum is grossing out Bridget.

Episode recorded live at the Marines' Memorial Theatre in San Francisco as a part of SF Sketchfest and features performances by John Vanderslice and A-1 and expert witness Mary Roach.

February 18, 2015[8]
199 "Legalhosen" Monte Belmonte Lessa believes her husband's extensive sock collection has gotten out of hand. February 25, 2015[9]
200 "Bigfoot II" Docket episode March 4, 2015[10]
201 "Sweet Relish" Docket episode March 11, 2015[11]
202 "Impersona Non Grata" May Brendan continue using his Hulk parody Twitter account which uses his friend Dana's real name, over Dana's objections?

Expert witness Jon Ronson.

March 18, 2015[12]
203 "Habeas Spiritus" Rachael strongly believes in psychic abilities while her boyfriend Anton is a complete skeptic. Must he go to a psychic with her at least once?

Expert witness Carrie Poppy.

March 25, 2015[13]
204 "The Puck Stops Here" Steve attempts to cajole his friend Scott into playing one more season of recreation league ice hockey. April 1, 2015[14]
205 "Schnapp Judgment" Eric is annoyed by the snotty comments of his friend Jonas over their choices of preferred alcoholic beverages. April 9, 2015[15]
206 "Moon and Stars" Docket episode April 15, 2015[16]
207 "The Defense Rests" Jon doesn't approve of his roommate Anna's tendency to go to bed early when they host house parties together. April 22, 2015[17]
208 "Sunrise Upset" Jean Grae Colin's desire to set his alarm clock to rise with the sun every morning is annoying his wife. April 29, 2015[18]
209 "Kung Fu Fighting with Jean Grae" Jean Grae Docket episode May 6, 2015[19]
210 "Judgin' Like It's 1992" Docket episode May 13, 2015[20]
211 "The Downer Party" A wife who enjoys birthdays and her husband who does not cannot agree on how to celebrate their children's birthdays. May 20, 2015[21]
212 "Reduce, Reuse, Accuse" Someone is repeatedly stealing Elliot and Rachel's recycling bins. How far should they go in their attempts to catch the culprit? May 27, 2015[22]
213 "Just the Two of Us" Docket episode June 3, 2015[23]
214 "The Santa Suit" A professional Santa Claus would like to portray the character all year long, over the objections of his wife. June 11, 2015[24]
215 "Great Balls of Ire" Living next door to a public park, Aron and Molly often have balls thrown and kicked in their yard by playing children, and do not agree on how best to return them. June 17, 2015[25]
216 "An Alchemic Clark Bar of Delight" Docket episode June 24, 2015[26]
217 "Battle of the Podcast Stars" Docket episode July 1, 2015[27]
218 "Troll-o Contendere" Monte Belmonte When a friend posts a controversial opinion on Facebook, is Brandon entitled to respond? July 15, 2015[28]
219 "Axed and Answered" Monte Belmonte Would buying and displaying a decorative ax break Jen's rule against weapons in her home? July 22, 2015[29]
220 "Good Time Summertime Docket Clearin'" Monte Belmonte Docket episode July 30, 2015
221 "I Want My nth TV" Monte Belmonte Caroline wants to limit her household to one television only; her husband Steve would like a few more. August 5, 2015[30]
222 "Eminent Toe-main" Does wearing a certain pair of shoes in one's yard constitute wearing them "in public"? August 12, 2015[31]
223 "Waiting For the Drop" Docket episode August 19, 2015[32]
224 "Justice De-furred" Monte Belmonte Steve and Brenica disagree on how often their pet-soiled sheets should be washed. August 28, 2015[33]
225 "Go Set a Tip Jar" Monte Belmonte The organizers of a literary reading series debate whether they should ask for donations from their patrons. September 2, 2015[34]
226 "A Nothingburger Sort of Thing to Do" Jean Grae Docket episode September 10, 2015[35]
227 "No-show Contendre" Jean Grae When the time for Ted and Chris' plans comes, Chris will often become unreachable and not show up. Is Chris in the wrong? September 17, 2015[36]
228 "Feliz Gravitas" Paul F. Tompkins How should siblings Rolland and Nyssa go about restarting their family's Christmas traditions? September 23, 2015[37]
229 "Rewind is a Sometimes Command" Paul F. Tompkins Docket episode September 30, 2015[38]
230 "It May or May Not Take a Village" Theresa Thorn A pair of new parents disagree on whether they should seek new friendships with other parents or focus on the childless friends they already have.

Guest judge Biz Ellis of the One Bad Mother podcast

October 7, 2015[39]
231 "The Hard of Hearing" Must Reed's dad try a hearing aid? October 14, 2015[40]
232 "Oh, Goodie" Docket episode October 22, 2015[41]
233 "The Slight Freaks" Elliott Kalan Docket episode October 29, 2015[42]
234 "Shut Your Pious Hole" The wife of a Unitarian minister living in a conservative town believes they should be discreet in describing his occupation to strangers. November 6, 2015[43]
235 "Grime and Punishment" David Rees Should Fran and Ben hire a housecleaner? November 11, 2015[44]
236 "A Little Dockey" Docket episode November 18, 2015[45]
237 "Trial By Kombat" David Rees Laura refuses to play Mortal Kombat with Austin because she believes he has gotten too good at the game. November 25, 2015[46]
238 "Pedantry of My Own" Docket episode December 2, 2015[47]
239 "Textual Harassment" Molly believes her friend Hector texts her too much. December 10, 2015[48]
240 "Hockey Dockey Christmas" Docket episode December 17, 2015[49]
241 "Guilty as Charred" Should Simone and Julian make use of the built-in grill in their home, or buy a kettle grill? December 24, 2015[50]
242 "The Long-Sleeved Arm of the Law" May Jon wear one of his tank tops in hot weather over the objections of his wife? December 30, 2015[51]

2016[edit | edit source]

No. Episode Title Guest Bailiff(s) Dispute Release Date
243 "The Nog Tank" Docket episode January 7, 2016[52]
244 "Commedia della Morte" Joseph insists that his children hire a mime for his funeral. January 14, 2016[53]
245 "Live at SF Sketchfest 2016" "Beyond a Reasonable Drought": Patricia doesn't approve of her boyfriend's methods of collecting greywater.

"A Portrait of the Artist as a Weird Dad": George would like his dad to cease leaving unusual photographs for him to find.

Episode recorded live at the Marines' Memorial Theatre in San Francisco as a part of SF Sketchfest and features a performance by Thao Nguyen

January 21, 2016[54]
246 "Miami Memories" Docket episode January 28, 2016[55]
247 "Bros Before Globes" Noah accuses his friend Eric of traveling too much, at the expense of their friendship. February 3, 2016[56]
248 "The Glass-Action Lawsuit" Claiming they are not attractive, Jessica refuses to wear her low-grade prescription glasses. February 10, 2016[57]
249 "A Toast to Serra Angels" Docket episode February 17, 2016[58]
250 "Phone of Contention" Kevin refuses to answer his cell phone or respond to messages in a timely matter, to the consternation of his wife. February 24, 2016[59]
251 "Wrecks Libris" Monte Belmonte Jeanna believes her husband Craig mistreats books by folding the corners of pages and using the books as doorstops. March 2, 2016[60]
252 "The Cradle of Pizza Civilization" Docket episode March 9, 2016[61]
253 "Decease and Desist" Marc would like to honor his deceased dog by reconstructing and displaying its skeleton, much to the disapproval of his wife.

Expert witness Dr. Robert Hicks, director of the Mütter Museum.

March 16, 2016[62]
254 "Greasy Rider" A professional cook often leaves his grease- and food-stained aprons in his car, stinking it up. His girlfriend would like him to work harder to keep the car clean and odor-free.

Expert witness Alton Brown.

March 23, 2016[63]
255 "Anecdontal Evidence" Are stories about work valid exceptions to Bob and Alessandra's "no boring stories" policy?

Expert witness Teresa McElroy, of the Shmanners podcast.

March 30, 2016[64]
256 "Baggage Claims" Ty thinks her partner Zach is going overboard in his zest to earn and use frequent flier miles. April 6, 2016[65]
257 "Jesse Finds a Crux" Docket episode April 13, 2016[66]
258 "In Moto Parentis" Leigh doesn't believe her son Duncan is ready to use a motorcycle. April 20, 2016[67]
259 "No Acquitting For Taste" Abtin and Kelsey disagree on which direction their home decor should go: "Classy" or "Quirky"? April 27, 2016[68]
260 "All Laws Are Off" Docket episode May 4, 2016[69]
261 "Grand Theft Risotto" Mike accuses his mother of passing off his wife's recipes as her own.

Expert witness J. Kenji López-Alt, Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats.

May 11, 2016[70]
262 "Capital T and That Rhymes With P and That Stands for Justice" Docket episode May 18, 2016[71]
263 "In Combat Chambers" Docket episode May 25, 2016[72]
264 "Paw and Order" Martha would like to nix her boyfriend Chase's plan to take their cats out for walks on leashes.

Expert witness Monica Murphy, veterinarian and author.

June 1, 2016[73]
265 "Dad Nauseum" Kevin insists on telling the same suspect joke to any service worker he interacts with, to the embarrassment of his son, Daniel. June 8, 2016[74]
266 "Exit Stage Fright" Tom encourages his friend Trinity to overcome her hesitation and audition for roles in community theater musicals.

Expert witness Andrew, from the episode "Sic Semper Dramatis"

June 15, 2016[75]
267 "Deadly Poke Bush" Docket episode June 22, 106[76]
268 "Assault and Hey Batter Battery" Is Spenser too aggressive in the amount of heckling he does while attending sporting events? June 29, 2016[77]
269 "Object the Halls With Boughs of Justice" After he and Hal had come to agree following a debate that A Christmas Story is the best Christmas movie, Mark now regrets the choice and would like to award the title to It's a Wonderful Life. July 6, 2016[78]
270 "The Night to Remain Silent" Actress N'Jameh likes to memorize her lines in bed as she falls asleep each night, but the practice is disturbing her boyfriend's ability to sleep. July 13, 2016[79]
271 "Divan Judgment Monte Belmonte Should Glenys and Jim buy a sofa for their living room? July 27, 2016[80]
272 "On Advice of Console" Monte Belmonte Jason is opposed to his wife's plan of buying a video game console for their two children August 3, 2016[81]
273 "Big Chomp" Docket Episode August 10, 2016[82]
274 "This is the Sound of a Raffle" Dave Shumka & Graham Clark May the members of Stephanie and Sewit's community service group purchase raffle tickets at the group's fundraising events? August 17, 2016[83]
275 "Motion to Strike a Pose" Dave Shumka & Graham Clark Should fiancés Justin and Sarah take professionally-shot engagement photos? August 24, 2016[84]
276 "Hallmark of Justice" Monte Belmonte Jayson argues that he should not be obligated to buy a card for his wife on Mother's Day. August 31, 206[85]
277 "Mommy Nearest" Monte Belmonte Amy has begun to work out at the same gym as her daughter Julie. Must Amy acquiesce to Julie's demand that they go at separate times? September 9, 2016[86]
278 "Feast and Desist" Monte Belmonte Fiancés Kandace and Weston debate whether they should continue to host their annual "Friendsgiving" dinner parties or pass the duties to another one of their friends. September 16, 2016[87]
279 "Blind Justice" Monte Belmonte & Joel Mann Docket Episode September 21, 2016[88]
280 "Improvable Cause" Should Madeline and Jason's improv group try out the new format Madeline is advocating? September 29, 2016[89]
281 "Separation of Church and Date" Does attending weddings with religious elements count as going to church? October 5, 2016[90]
282 "Live From Portland, Maine 2016" "Text of Kin": Must Hannah be compelled to upgrade her cell phone so she can send text messages?

"Triple Word Scorn": Colin accuses his financée Jordan of playing him too aggressively during board games, even when it prevents Jordan from winning herself.

Episode recorded live at the Port City Music Hall in Portland, Maine[91] and features performances from Joel Mann and David Raitt.

October 12, 2016[92]
283 "Pile of Pits" Docket Episode October 19, 2016[93]
284 "Live From Turners Falls, MA 2016" Monte Belmonte "May It Please the Shorts": Mary Kate disapproves of her husband Matthew's habit of wearing swim trunks to bed.

"Amphibious Corpus": Is a tadpole a "baby frog"?

Episode recorded live at the Shea Theater Arts Center in Turners Falls, Massachusetts[94] and features a performance from Zara Bode. Expert witness Emily Brewster of Merriam-Webster.

October 28, 2016[95]
285 "Hostile Fitness" Heather would like for her husband Joe to continue challenging her mother through a fitness tracking app, but he is hesitant. November 2, 2016[96]
286 "Grass Action Lawsuit" Fiancées Daniel and Bernadette cannot agree on what kind of front yard they would like for their future home: maintained or overgrown. November 9, 2016[97]
287 "A Betrayal of Crust" Should Cam and Valerie confess to Cam's mother that the "Pie of the Month" club subscription they gifted her was completely fictional and all the pies she received were baked by them? November 16, 2016[98]
288 "Are We Fair Yet?" Jean Grae Should Jeff and Megan split driving duties on their long car trips equally? November 23, 2016[99]
289 "Live From Boston, MA 2016" "Sole Custody": Brian is overwhelmed by the size of his wife's shoe collection.

"Law and Gag Order": Heena wants to relax at home by watching House Hunters, but is annoyed that her husband Tim "hate watches" the show with her, and often makes snarky comments.

Episode recorded live at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts[100] and features a performance by Juliana Hatfield. Expert witness Ken Reid.

November 30, 2016[101]
290 "A Jury of Your Tears" Jean Grae Glenn enjoys making quesadillas several times each week, but the constant odor that the cooking creates is distressing his roommate, Donny. December 7, 2016[102]
291 "First Whirlpool Problems" What type of hot tub should Courtney and Josh install in their home, and where should it go? December 14, 2016[103]
292 "Conifer Emptor" After years of using an artificial Christmas tree, Husbands Michael and Matthew cannot agree on whether the time has come to purchase a real one. December 21, 2016[104]
293 "Woodsy Bob Newhart" Docket episode featuring Nick Offerman December 28, 2016[105]

2017[edit | edit source]

No. Episode Name Guest Baliff Dispute Release Date
294 "Live From Brooklyn, NY 2016" "Shut Your Drawer Hole": Rob is annoyed that his girlfriend Kaitlin claims to be too busy to bother closing dresser drawers after she is done using them.

"The Most Important Trial of the Day": Charlie works late nights and often eats his first meal of the day in the afternoon. Does he have a right to refer to the meal as "breakfast"?

Episode recorded live at the Bell House in Brooklyn, New York and features a performance by the PitchBlak Brass Band

January 4, 2017[106]
295 "The Hallowed Y'alls of Justice" Dale enjoys adopting the local accent of wherever she travels to, much to the embarrassment of her daughter, Alexandra. January 11, 2017[107]
296 "Witnessing the Badger" Young father Tobyas is concerned that his wife Rachel frequently rescues animals in distress. January 18, 2017[108]
297 "First Come, First Seat, Third Served" Docket episode January 25, 2017[109]
298 "Live From Brooklyn, NY 2016, Part 2" "Good Coif, Bad Coif": John cuts his hair himself by using a Flowbee, leading to disastrous results, according to his wife Mariah.

"Silence of the Jams": Are novice trumpeter Sam's practice sessions annoying his neighbors?

Episode recorded live at the Bell House in Brooklyn, New York, and features a performance by Jean Grae and the PitchBlak Brass Band.

February 1, 2017[110]
299 "When I Say Justice, You Say Served" When a live performer calls for audience participation (e.g. singing along), must Kevin join in despite his dislike of the practice? February 8, 2017[111]
300 "Robe Hate Court" May Oge keep wearing his much-beloved, 25-year old bathrobe, or must he get a new one? February 15, 2017[112]
301 "Married to the Ghost of George Washington" Docket Episode February 22, 2017[113]
302 "Live From Philadelphia, PA 2016" "Un Chien En Deluge": Neighbors Karen and TC advocate to their respective spouses for outfitting their dogs with appropriate weather attire.

Episode recorded live at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, PA and features a live performance by Cynthia Hopkins. Special guest Robert Hicks of the Mütter Museum.

March 1, 2017[114]
303 "Oculus Miffed" Virtual reality gamers Matt and Amber debate whether they should install a dedicated gaming room in their master bedroom. March 8, 2017[115]
304 "The Emoluments Pause" Arguing that her and Aaron's kids have too many toys already, Tamara asks for a year-long moratorium on new toys. March 15, 2017[116]
305 "In-lawful Gathering" Five nights a week, Reuben and his wife Megan have dinner with extended family. Rob would like to opt out. March 22, 2017[117]
306 "DNA NDA" Xander wants his twin brother Brendan to take a zygosity test to determine whether their twinship is identical or fraternal; Brendan would rather not. March 29, 2017[118]
307 "Too Many Cooks Spoil the Borth" Docket episode, featuring Kurt Braunohler April 5, 2017[119]
308 "Live From Washington DC" "Rabius Corpus": Lauren would like to get a pet raccoon; her boyfriend Tony is against it.

Expert witness: Ray Suarez.

Plus, Sean and Jaime from Episode 194, "Do You Want to Hoard Some Snowglobes?" return.

Episode recorded live at the Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., featuring a performance by The Dom Flemons Trio.

April 12, 2017[120]
309 "Justice Extruded is Justice Denied" Micah wants to get a 3D printer; his girlfriend Jenny thinks there isn't enough room for one in their current apartment. April 19, 2017[121]
310 "In Flagrante Delicto" Sarah accuses her husband Eric of wearing his American flag pants at inappropriate occasions. April 26, 2017[122]

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