KRISTAL Audio Engine

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KRISTAL Audio Engine
Original author(s) Matthias Juwan
Developer(s) Kreatives
Initial release January 31, 2004 (2004-01-31)
Stable release
1.0.1 / June 4, 2004 (2004-06-04)
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Development status Unmaintained
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Digital audio editor
License Proprietary

KRISTAL Audio Engine (commonly referred to as KRISTAL or KAE) is a free digital audio editor, multi-track recorder and sound mixer, operating for Microsoft Windows, able to manage up to 16 separate channels of audio.

History[edit | edit source]

KRISTAL started out in 1999 as the university thesis project of Matthias Juwan. At that time it was known as the Crystal Audio Engine, a name derived from the song The Crystal Ship by The Doors.[1]

K2[edit | edit source]

On December 24, 2004 the KRISTAL development team announced that they were working on the successor to KRISTAL Audio Engine 1.0 based on a new infrastructure, codenamed K2. Among other things the development team planned to include cross-platform support for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. On September 18, 2006 it was announced that KristalLabs Ltd., a privately held start-up company co-founded by the lead developer of KRISTAL, Matthias Juwan, and Wolfgang Kundrus, who had previously worked on Cubase and Nuendo, had taken over all work and rights to the source code of K2.

On April 2, 2009 K2 was unveiled at Musikmesse Frankfurt and the entirely new DAW, co-developed with PreSonus, was now officially known as Studio One.[1]

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