Jordan, Jesse, Go!

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'Jordan, Jesse, Go!'
Hosted byJordan Morris and Jesse Thorn
GenreComedy, talk
Length60–120 minutes
ProductionBrian Fernandes
Theme music composed by"Love You" by The Free Design[1]
No. of episodes511 (as of December 18, 2017)
WebsiteOfficial JJGO website

Jordan, Jesse, Go! (often abbreviated to JJGO) is a weekly comedy audio podcast, which began airing in 2007.[2][3] It is hosted by comedian Jordan Morris, a writer on the Comedy Central show @midnight, and Jesse Thorn, a public radio host. The show is part of Maximum Fun, an independent podcast and radio show production organization founded and run by Thorn.

The format of the show is typically a conversation between Thorn, Morris, and a guest on the show.[4]

Fans of the podcast are known as "Tuppies."[5]

History[edit | edit source]

Thorn and Morris met as students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where they co-hosted the original version of The Sound of Young America.[2][6] Morris and Thorn created Jordan, Jesse, Go!, initially called The Untitled Thorn/Morris Project, when they both moved out to Los Angeles. They began the show because they missed doing The Sound of Young America together and wanted to work together on comedy again.[7]

Format[edit | edit source]

Jordan, Jesse, Go! is a generally free-form comedy show lasting for about 90 minutes.[8] Each episode begins with the theme song, "Love You", by The Free Design, followed by an unstructured discussion between Thorn, Morris and, usually, a guest.[1] The guests mostly come from the world of alternative comedy, though occasionally the guests come from the broader entertainment world.[8]

Recurring segments[edit | edit source]

Jordan (right) and Jesse (left) with John Hodgman (center) during a live taping at MaxFunCon

Momentous Occasions[edit | edit source]

In this segment, a selection of listener telephone calls left on the show's answering machine are played back, with the hosts and guests commenting on each call after it is played.[1] While the content of the calls played varies, they are generally roughly divided into "momentous occasions", wherein the caller relates something interesting which has happened to or around them, or "moments of shame", wherein the caller recounts an event in which they acted foolishly or otherwise embarrassed themselves.[9]

Judge John Hodgman[edit | edit source]

In early episodes of the show, humorist and author John Hodgman would adjudicate disputes, generally between listeners, with Jesse serving as "bailiff" and Jordan and the guest serving as "legal counsel" for the two sides.[10][11] In 2010, this segment was spun off into its own podcast, Judge John Hodgman.[12][13]

Reception[edit | edit source]

In an in-depth review in 2010, Splitsider concluded that JJGO was "a funny and subscription-worthy podcast that the new guys could all learn a lot from",[1] and LA Weekly included the show in a "comedy podcast flow-chart", implicitly describing listening to Jordan, Jesse, Go! as "feeling like [you're] at a party with hilarious comics doing bits all night".[14]

A review in The Guardian suggested that while the guest interviews could be "revealing", the show was too lengthy and the opening segment was "nonsense".[15]

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