Henrik Palmgren

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Henrik Palmgren
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Podcaster, Vlogger, YouTube personality
Spouse(s) Lana Lokteff

Henrik Palmgren is a Swedish alt-right[1][2][3][4] political podcaster, vlogger, YouTube personality, and owner of the Swedish ethno-centric[5] website and news aggregator, Red Ice,[6][7][8] founded in 2003. He is the host of the podcast and video program Red Ice Radio, while his wife and partner, Lana Lokteff, hosts Radio 3Fourteen. Palmgren's program frequently hosts a wide variety of content, including white nationalism, antisemitic conspiracy theories, paranormal topics, and philosophy, frequently from a far-right perspective. Originally focusing on paranormal subjects, it has recently changed focus to the alt-right, focusing on themes such as the white genocide conspiracy theory and hosting guests such as Ingrid Carlqvist, Richard B. Spencer, Kevin B. MacDonald, David Duke, Gilad Atzmon, David Icke, Andrew Anglin, UKIP prospective Member of Parliament, Jack Sen, and Millennial Woes, among many others. He describes his views as "pro-European", traditionalist,[disambiguation needed] and supportive of ethno-nationalism.[9]

In May 2017, The Forward reported that Palmgren is collaborating with white nationalist Richard B. Spencer to forge a new media company.[10]

Together with fellow Swedish nationalist publisher Daniel Friberg from Gothenburg, Henrik Palmgren plays an important role in the American alt-right and also took part in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.[11]

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Originally from Kungälv, Palmgren has lived in Oregon for many years.[11] He is married to Lana Lokteff, who is also associated with the alt-right.[12] His brother, Fredrik Palmgren, also assists in productions, with the two working together in music before founding Red Ice.

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