H.H.A No. 57: I Dream of Corey

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This is the fifty-seventh episode of Hallow-Holics Anonymous, hosted on Libsyn.

I hope you've got a license to drive. Don't want to get lost, boys. After all, you can't kill gremlins or ghounies with a silver bullet. Now that we've got all the references to movies we're not talking about out of the way, this is our belated April Fools special in which Corey finally gets his way, the horror is shoved in the closet for a moment, and we discuss Dream a Little Dream 1 and 2.

- Excerpt from episode summary.

This was the first 'April Fools Corey and Corey' special, in which Maddy and Corey veer from the path of horror to discuss Corey Haim and Corey Feldman movies..