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In a highly classified location, four brilliant, jackass grad students are interrogated by government operatives. Why? Because the world is about to end, and it’s all their fucking fault. After using reckless “cutting-edge” science for their own petty purposes, this rag tag team creates a small but potentially world-ending black hole in their college lab. The clock is ticking for this secret government agency to clean up the mess these “wannabe scientists” have made. With cooperation, the crisis could be averted before the world goes to shit. The problem? Well, these students are what you’d call bonafide assholes...and they don’t know what the hell they did to tear open the fabric of space and time. They’re clueless. The Solution? – tell these government operatives EVERY illegal thing they’ve done in the lab...
Series premiere September 11 on Rooster Teeth FIRST
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Crunch Time(TV Mini-Series) is an ongoing American Rooster Teeth Live action comedy/drama and Sci-Fi (science fiction comedy drama) YouTube TV Mini Web series created by Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson and produced by Rooster Teeth that initially aired in September, 2016. The original trailer was featured on The Nerdist's announcement article, and depicted about some university physics students who create a black home by creating a machine to allow them to enter other people's dreams. The series was created by Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson and produced by Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns. It premiered on Rooster Teeth's website on September 11, 2016. In this show, Four grad students using reckless cutting-edge science, create a potentially world-ending blackhole.

The series follows a group of students who have built a machine that allows them to enter people's dreams. They have somehow caused a black hole to form in their laboratory, leading them to having to explain their actions to the authorities. The show stars Samm Levine of Freaks and Geeks and Inglorious Basterds fame, as well as Good Neighbor's Nick Rutherford; also starring Jessy Hodges and Kirk C. Johnson, who starred in Rooster Teeth's first feature film, Lazer Team. Supporting the main cast is comedian Brent Morin and True Detective's Michael Hyatt as agents Hobbs and Mullins, respectively. The series has been called RoosterTeeth's Inception.

Creators: Andrew Disney, Bradley Jackson[edit | edit source]

Stars: Avery Monsen, Jessy Hodges, Nicholas Rutherford[edit | edit source]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Crunch Time begins when four grad students accidentally open up a black hole that could be the end of the world. After recklessly handling cutting-edge tech in their school lab, this brilliant team of jackasses creates a small, but potentially earth shattering, black hole that grabs the attention of government operatives. Since the "wanna-be" scientists can't pinpoint exactly where their experiment went wrong, they must work with the secret government agency sent in to save the day by detailing EVERY illegal thing they've done in the lab thus far.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (2016; 6 episodes)[edit | edit source]

No. Title Synopsis CAST Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "The Beginning" In a highly classified location, a gang of brilliant, misfit grad students are interrogated by government operatives. The question: How did it all begin? The answer: With a last ditch effort to win back love - by way of an extremely dangerous, untested, lucid dreaming machine. Avery Monsen ...


Jessy Hodges Jessy Hodges ...


Nicholas Rutherford Nicholas Rutherford ...


Samm Levine Samm Levine ...


Kirk C. Johnson Kirk C. Johnson ...

Larry (as Kirk Johnson)

Brent Morin Brent Morin ...


Michael Hyatt Michael Hyatt ...


Gus Sorola Gus Sorola ...


Andrew Key Andrew Key ...


Lauren Knutti Lauren Knutti ...


Brently Heilbron Brently Heilbron ...


Christopher Safos Christopher Safos ...

Bar Patron

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Stan-Lee Ray Baker Stan-Lee Ray Baker ...

Church Attendee / Funeral

Barbara Dunkelman Barbara Dunkelman ...

Blond Bartender (uncredited)

Andrew Disney Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson September 11, 2016
2 "The Brain Frame" Andrew Disney Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson September 11, 2016
3 "The Business" Andrew Disney Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson September 18, 2016
4 "The Big Sleep" Andrew Disney Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson September 25, 2016
5 "The Party of the Century" Andrew Disney Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson October 9, 2016
6 "The Moruga" Andrew Disney Andrew Disney and Bradley Jackson October 16, 2016

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