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If there were two cows in the hole, those two cows would collectively be Edgar. Like the Borg. Because Edgar is the one in the hole. That means anything (anyone?) and everything in the hole is Edgar. It works like this: As long as it is in the hole it is and has always been Edgar. As soon as it is out of the hole it is not and never has been Edgar. Doublethink may be required. There is only one Edgar, even if Edgar is existing within two or more bodies simultaneously. Sometimes Edgar can be beyond the hole; for example, when Edgar manifests as a chicken or a wolf. Edgar decides what is and is not Edgar. (Ryan does not decide, for Ryan is merely Edgar's chosen servant.) It is best not to ponder overmuch on the nature of Edgar, for Edgar is beyond the comprehension of mortal meatbrains. Instead, devote your remaining time towards hoping that Edgar shall be merciful when Edgar's plans, whatever they may be, come to pass. (Spoiler: Edgar is never merciful.)