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First of all, I never told anyone to kill themselves. Second, I probably have more of a life than you, as I'm recommended for all honors classes in high school (except English), a boy scout, a soccer player, and a top notch runner. I think YOU have the smallest life, as you clearly stalked me, and this comment proves it. Get a life.

1. You have. You tell people to "end themselves" which must mean "end their lives", in other words, "kill themselves.

2. Did you know that I'm in the honors classfor every class, including English? You're a soccer player, but I'm a soccer, baseball, and basketball player. I might also even better runner than you. You're probably lying about all of this just to make yourself sound cool. Troll.

3. i only went on your profile because I saw some of the recent activity, and you were in every single thread on this wikia, making stupid, insulting comments. I was so bad that I had to go to your profile to find out more about this trolling.