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Recently, there has been a Wiki contributor with the IP of <IP REMOVED>. He is probably better known as the "Get a life" guy. He is also probably one of the worst trolls on this wiki. He is a very ironic person because although he frequently tells random people to "Get a life." which is apparently his catchphrase, he is the one with the least life out of all of us. He has started commenting just yesterday, and somehow already has 104 insulting comments. I have actually checked his profile and it appears that he spends the night commenting because a lot of his comments where made during midnight of yesterday/today. Most of his comments involve him calling someone lonely losers just because of one comment (although they might not be lonely, but by his logic their friendships are immediately broken because of that one comment), tell them to kill themselves, tell them to get off the wiki because they spend too much time on there (although they probably don't spend much time on there, also he is the one on the wiki all the time apparently), and tell them to get a life. CharThom/Kamikaze, if you have the power to ban people from the wiki, I would like you to ban the "Master Troll" <IP REMOVED><ac_metadata title="Who is this guy?"> </ac_metadata>