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I think all of the AH guys are different to how they portray themselves on camera. It's a persona they play for the camera. His "stupidity" is his character's personality as his role as someone has to be the "dumb" one of the group.

As for intelligence...I don't think that really affects on how some people got their jobs at RT. Gavin was a long term fan of Rooster Teeth. He was one of the many few fans in the early days of Red vs Blue and he got his job through the commitment and friendships he forged, especially with Geoff and Burnie. In one of the podcasts they talked about how Gavin asked for them to ring him for his 15th birthday to wish him Happy Birthday and they did, so it gives you an idea on how little fans they had back then.

Some people have jobs by chance at Rooster Teeth. Barbara got her job by the amount of volunteering she did for RT. Not only that but she also supported the website a lot.

Michael was approached by Rooster Teeth for a job after he created a rage quit video on his personal youtube channel which had overnight success but he actually turned them down but they kept persisting until he finally agreed to work for them.

It's the same with Ray. He did a lot for the comminuty videos with achievements and contributed to them solidly for 3 years before offering him a job because he was so good at video games.

Not everyone at RT is intelligent or necessarily has degrees or his book smart to have jobs, it's just a little bit of luck and chance that you may get a job.