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just an observation. Roosterteeth has this special type of humor and they do things that make them laugh and what they think is funny. They are pretty hilarious when they are all together which is very entertaining:). They do their own thing and they have a variety of different content to bring to the  table which I think is great. I think their fanbase can be a variety of ages . PewDiePie is more of the immature humor and he says a lot of stupid shit which he is well aware of and even admits to, but his fans like it so he does it. What we get from him is what all his subscribers ask for. His fanbase is mostly young so it kinda makes sense.

I believe that the majority of the youtube community is young so they won't necesarilly understand or enjoy the humor that roosterteeth has to offer and they probably are more attracted to youtubers such as PewDiePie because of his kind of humor.

Both Roosterteeth and PewDiePie can make me laugh, However I feel as though Roosterteeth's humor is more genuine and they don't have to try hard to make me laugh. They are just funny when they are all together and they are a great bunch of people. Pewds is a cool guy, but sometimes I feel like he 's forcing himself to say things that his subscribers want to hear and like he's tired. I don't blame him, he carries out his channl on his own and records everyday as well as edits for like 8-10 hours every day alone. Regardless I support both channels and  also Roosterteeth's subchannels. I don't know, but I can see why some of the roosterteeth staff might dislike his work

Holy shit, I hate the word "pretentious," but if I were ever going to use it, I would use it right now. Rooster Teeth is sophisticated, in this guy's eyes? Talk about blind hypocrisy! Look, I'll be the first one to tell you that Rooster Teeth is a special little gem in this ocean we call the internet, but by no means does that make this some kind of standard for which we are to judge all forms of comedy. Baby Jesus H. Fucking Christ Almighty!