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Lol "most" people here are biased because hell this is roosterteeth's wikia. There is some sense in that one guy who said that "they're not the kind of people I'd want to go hang out with in person, based on how they present themselves in the podcasts". As much as you can hate on pewdiepie, that guy is an introvert, and most people who ends up watching pewdiepie videos can relate to his personality ( not just his screaming and such that people hate about him). The people of rooster teeth seems to present themselves as aholes of the gamer community, basically saying they are the jock of the typical high school, only in terms of youtube and gaming. They can be very intimidating to viewers, mostly young because they aren't friendly (as to what they show in their videos). Although, to one's opinion, wether if you think pewdiepie sucks or not, he is more approachable in terms of interacting with the fan, (yes, sometimes forcing it out), than the staff of rooster teeth. In my own opinion, i would rather have a meet and greet with someone who says, "don't be afraid to say hi to me if you guys pass by me bros" than meet someone who would automatically say to your face "f@#$ You" in  a joking way. 

I think people put too much stock on the behavior in the podcasts. The guys and gals on there specifically make a point to ignore the fact that they're on camera. The casts are where they just shoot the shit with each other.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm perfectly comfortable calling my best friend a 'fucking asshole' jokingly. The way I see those podcasts, they are intentially behaving the way they ordinarily would with each other. That doesn't at all reflect on their behavior with the fans.

I mean, all I have to do is look at this video to get a sense of what many of them would be like IRL.