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I've seen a lot of hate for him in some videos by RT staff, namely the podcasts where Burnie and Gavin has badmouthed him, also in the surgeon simulator let's play where Michael and Gavin were also badmouthing him.

But why? I'm not a huge fan of Pewdiepie myself, I feel like his stuff his repetitive and I really don't see the humour but as far as I know I don't think Pewdiepie has done anything to them/the company.

Is it a jealously thing? I mean Rooster Teeth has worked hard for 10 years to get where they are, whereas Pewdiepie is a single youtuber who is the most popular youtuber/let's player ever with most views and subscribers which he did alone.

I really have no idea and just being curious :)

If you could link me where they said it, that'd be nice.