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I feel like Roosterteeth's brand of humour is quite clever. A lot of their productions incorporate some really intelligent humour. Even the Achievement Hunter Let's Plays have a sensical humour too them. They laugh at themselves and the funny things that happen in the videos. 

Pewdiepie seems to laugh at other people. Which isn't funny really. In a lot of other contexts his behaviour would be wholly unacceptable. He brings a lot of rape/abuse comments into his videos as jokes. I'm not super sensitive but one day I just thought...why is that funny? 

I think a lot of it comes from Roosterteeth making choices and appealing to a respected audience. Pewdiepie doesn't seem to respect his audience too much or put a great deal of thought into his content creation.

I get the whole 'pewdiepie is fake' comments but he was thrust into fame. Roosterteeth had professional experience and the ability to learn from their mistakes. They're much more knowledgeable which is part of their appeal to me. But if any shit hit the fan for pewdiepie, he'd be completely screwed.