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The way I see it is whereas RT is more of a workplace/workforce that work hard on their projects/productions, while PDP doesn't really try at all. A thing they have in common though, is they both love what they do, even if one of these two has timesheets and scheduals regarding their recording sessions while the other just has to come up with repetitive rape jokes. Honestly, PDP is just lucky that his style correlates with the current internet culture. Sure there will always be people that will find anything popular, Neo Nazis being evidence of that. But PDP as a loud, short attention spanned, introverted gamer happened to get boosted to popularity, by starting around the same time that Tumblr became a thing. I know that tumblr was around longer than PDP, but they both became big internet icons around the same time, and for the same thing, and I don't me to offend people, but for being weird.