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Literally all of you are pretentious as you are being pricks on both sides of this equation. I am a huge fan of both RT and Pewdiepie and try to watch all the videos they post. So as a mixture, here is an argument for both sides. Pewdiepie is a good youtuber because of his genuine attitude and his loyalty to his fans. Some of his videos can run a little long or not be as good but thats show business, you cant make 100% great videos, its not possible. And if you assume he is funny just because he is foreign and yells at his computer, you havent watched him enough. I enjoy his Broken podcast episodes bc it adds more depth to him, and he has a good honest opinion on life, and he is a genuinly funny person. That being said he is also extremely humble (altough he always jokes about being the most popular) but he has frequently said how much he says he doesnt deserve it, or how he's shocked about his popularity. You can not like him but dont try and condense hi down to "Swede who yells at screen." When the asshole section of his fans start fights he tells them to stop and makes videos telling them to calm down and respect others. Pewds also has raised alot of charity money and done a lot for others. Like him or hate him, he is alot more complex than given credit for

That being said, on the RT side of things. The WORST part of Pewdiepie is not even Pewdiepie. His fans are 75% assholes. They jump on smaller youtube channels and bombared them with hatefule comments and immature stupidity. These "BROS" fight with fans of people he's even friends with (like Tobuscus, Markeplier, etc.) Secondly, if ANYONE deserves to be top youtuber, its RT. Why? Their dedication to content, their will to constantly reinvent themselves to entertain their fans is honorable. The amount of time they put into their content is ludicrous. If you cant understand the frustration of people who literally formed the way youtube is since it first came out, and then got being beat out by a guy who only does lets plays, you are an ignorant ass-hole. RT is dedicated to their fans and tries to give them a unique experience despite being an older channel. And as for you morons insulting Geoff's style of humor, screw off. If you think the way Geoff jokingly acts like an asshole to his fans is a comment on him as a person, you are a butthurt little loser who needs to grow up and understand humor. Geoff has always been sarcastic, he makes fun of EVERYONE even people like Gavin, who is argueably one of his best friends. The dude literally lived with Geoff for years!

So in conclusion, Both of you sides are just reflecting badly on the channels you are supporting. Even though RT jabbed at Pewds you got to understand where they are coming from. And also Im sure neither them or Pewds would want you starting pointless internet fights just because they shared their opinion. In the long run I dont think they hate each other. Its just frustration. And if opinions bother you, get off the internet... seriously if you are looking for free hugs and happy words you need to grow up a little and realize what the internet consists of.