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I used to be subscried to PDP, for a few months. After a while, though, I started to watch less and less, and just didn't find his humor funny AT ALL. It was around this time when I started to watch RT semi-religiously, and that's when it hit: Pewd's humor was FAAAAR below RT's. Just by watching the Headlight Fluid RTAA, I remembered something: "Most people make mistakes. Pewdiepie is not most people." Has anyone honestly noticed how most of Pewd's jokes sound almost... Scripted, while RT's jokes (sans those in RVB and RWBY) aren't? Don't get me wrong, some(!) of Pewd's jokes are well timed, but they sound really scripted, whereas RT's are genuinely on the fly, unscripted. But, I'm only one person, with an opinion.

LMAO! If you think RvB and RWBY aren't scripted, you should probably think again. Of course they're scripted. I think the difference you're noticing, is delivery and timing.