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Hi (I don't know your name, so i'll call you Phil, that cool?)

I have been getting updates and was seeing what (I'm going to call him Frank) has been typing, but after 2/3 days I was just going to ride it out and hope it ends.

If there are actual threats or vandalism to the site then the ban hammer will be used quite liberally, but with people like Frank, sometimes you have to let it slide and monitor it as I did and I imagine Kami did aswell.

I did read your post ("Who is this guy?") and appreciate you taking your time to try and stop this earlier but it has come to an end now.

Let's hope Frank can become a hel0fpul member of the Wikia and have useful edits for the future like the large majority of the guys/girls on this Wikia.

Cheers Phil

CharThom - Wiki Founder 21:08, July 30, 2014 (UTC)