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Hi, I'm, or better known as the "Get a life" guy. I jus want to say I've been acting like an idiot for the past few days posting hurtful comments. I want to say that anything I ever said hurtful, I didn't mean it. I was just trolling. I wanted to see if I got any hate mail because I've had some bad news in my life recently (personal prob.), so I just wanted to lighten up with a good laugh. I know this method may seem cruel, but be honest, some of these were funny. Any of the "I'd rather" things I said were just a quote from AVGN, which is a channel looking up if you want a good laugh. But in all seriousness, I didn't mean anything I said. I think you all DO have lives and should continue living them on. I forgive all of you for sending me angry and hurtful posts, and once again, I'm truly, deeply sorry for anything hurtful I said. I too am a fan of Rooster Teeth, and hope they do continue. I know I caused a lot of damage to the wiki, so if you want to ban me, that's fine, for I have learned my lesson. If you want to delete my comments, that's fine, for they are truly false (except the ones about me :)) Anyway, I'm sorry for all I did and I promise I will never troll again. Keep the wiki going, because you all are doing a good job on it. :) Goodbye.<ac_metadata title="A HUGE apology"> </ac_metadata>