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White Fang[edit | edit source]

In "Black and White," Blake tells Sun Wukong that she was practically "born into" the White Fang organization while explaining to Professor Ozpin that she grew up outside of the kingdoms of Remnant.

From early in her life, she was involved in the organization's protests against unfair and discriminatory treatment of Faunus. It is clear that she continued as an active supporter of the organization despite its turn to militancy approximately five years before she enrolled at Beacon Academy.

Despite her later-expressed misgivings at the organization trying to gain respect through fear, she fought alongside other members of the organization and was clearly trained to become a proficient guerrilla fighter.

"Black" Trailer[edit | edit source]

Blake is first seen assisting Adam Taurus in the raiding of a cargo train owned by the Schnee Dust Company, carrying shipments of Dust.

During the raid, Blake helps Adam fight off an army of Atlesian Knight-130s in order to reach the cargo hold and find what Adam was looking for. However, upon discovering Adam's plans to blow the train up, along with the crew, Blake starts to have doubts.

They are then attacked by a Spider Droid and forced outside, where Blake distracts it long enough for Adam to charge an attack and destroy it. When he turns around, Blake decides to sever their connection and the train car, saying goodbye as the train pulls away without Adam.

Blake later tells Sun: "I decided I no longer wanted to use my skills to aid in their violence. Instead, I would dedicate my life to becoming a Huntress."

RWBY[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Beacon[edit | edit source]

Blake is present on the first day at Beacon Academy, reading a book in the landing area. She is seen to verbally attack Weiss Schnee in a cool manner, using the Schnee Dust Company's bad reputation as a base for her insults. After Weiss leaves the area, Ruby Rose comments on the encounter, only to turn around and find that Blake has already left.

After all the students are dismissed and sent to bed, Ruby and Yang Xiao Long spot Blake in a corner, reading a book. Ruby, forced by Yang to talk to her and make friends, is dragged over to where Blake is. Though the conversation is awkward at first, Ruby and Blake start to warm up to each other and seem to become friends somewhat; however, Weiss interrupts the conversation and causes an argument once more.

Knowing she won't be able to continue her book, Blake blows out the candles beside her.

Beacon Academy Initiation[edit | edit source]

Although she is never directly seen in this episode, Kerry Shawcross tweeted that Blake was one of the silhouettes shown in the Beacon Cliffs launch lineup. This tweet, however, was possibly a joke made to address the commotion caused by Blake's absence.

While Blake doesn't make an actual appearance in this episode, Ruby contemplates having her as her partner, as they both seem to like books. However, because of Blake's quiet nature, Ruby fears she wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with her.

She is later seen running through the shadows of the forest while Yang is searching for a partner, possibly attempting to scrutinize the fighting styles of other students in order to deliberately choose a partner. After Yang is confronted by two Ursai and knocks one far away with a series of punches, she turns to the other one. Before she can attack, it is swiftly defeated by one quick strike from Blake and her Gambol Shroud. The two smile at each other.

Blake and Yang make it to the temple, where they discover the relics, which Blake notes are just chess pieces. They walk around the temple, making note that some pairs have already found the temple, and study the pieces up close. Blake seems uninterested in which piece they pick, so when Yang suggests taking a yellow knight, Blake agrees.

However, when the two hear Jaune Arc's girly scream, Yang asks Blake if she heard it and what they should do. Blake on the other hand seems distracted by something in the sky as Ruby is seen flying through the air towards the temple.

As Blake and Yang stand by the temple, Blake starts to notice all the strange things going on, like Ruby falling from the sky, Nora Valkyrie riding on the back of an Ursa to the temple, and Pyrrha Nikos being chased by a Death Stalker. As Weiss flies overhead on a Nevermore, Blake says she is going to fall (which she eventually does). Blake then follows the rest of the students to an old structure on the cliffside and helps Lie Ren defend Nora from the Death Stalker before retreating with the others.

Nora then accidentally knocks Blake off the broken pathway, but she manages to swing onto the Nevermore and hit it multiple times with little damage. Ruby then comes up with a plan and to use Blake's ribbon as a large slingshot, with Weiss launching Ruby at the Nevermore and allowing Ruby to defeat it. Once they return to Beacon, Blake is assigned to Team RWBY.

Starting Classes[edit | edit source]

After rooming with her team, Blake wakes up with an uncharacteristic enthusiasm. Blake points out that they need to unpack, holding a suitcase that accidentally opens up and the contents fall to the floor, prompting her to say they need to clean as well.

They begin setting up their belongings, with Blake organizing her bookshelf until she takes out a book titled Ninjas of Love, but quickly puts it in a hidden location, apparently wary of someone seeing it. When Ruby suggests making bunk beds, Blake agrees, stating that it would be more efficient.

Blake later rushes out of the room with Yang and Ruby after Weiss points out class starts in five minutes. During Peter Port's lecture on the Grimm, she seems uninterested.

As Weiss faces off against the Boarbatusk in Professor Port's class, Blake gives her encouragement with the rest of her teammates, waving a small Team RWBY flag and telling her to "fight well." She is later seen in their dorm room asleep in the bottom bunk under Yang.

Blake is seen sitting with her team, alongside Team JNPR, reading a book during lunchtime, while Nora tells a story about her dream, which she is heavily ignoring. She then closes her book, after seeing how Cardin Winchester is treating Velvet. She then agrees with Pyrrha Nikos' statement on how she hates people that hurt others, such as Cardin and his team, and mentions that he's not the only person she can't stand to see being rude to others.

Blake is seen attending a history class in Bartholomew Oobleck's class. She is sitting next to Pyrrha where both explain a particular battle fought in the Faunus Rights Revolution. Blake mentions how Faunus were able to obtain victory, shortly after Pyrrha mentioned that Faunus often have good night vision. She then says that if the general had paid attention in class, he wouldn't be remembered as a failure, provoking Cardin.

Blake is seen in the Forever Fall forest alongside her team listening to Glynda Goodwitch, who comments on the forest and the assignment given to them by Professor Peach. After the teams go to search for sap, she is seen alongside Ruby, who is collecting sap, while she stares at her teammate with her hand on her cheek.

Blake was briefly seen alongside Yang. Under orders from Ruby, she and Yang went to get Glynda to warn her of an Ursa that was attacking Jaune and Cardin.

Team Divided[edit | edit source]

Blake notices and is surprised by Sun Wukong in Downtown Vale. Before and after this incident, Weiss states her claim about how the White Fang is nothing but a group of anti-Human Faunus, prompting Blake to argue with her long into the evening of that day.

When Weiss condemns the White Fang yet again for attacking her family, Blake bursts with emotion and exclaims that they were tired of being pushed around, accidentally revealing her past. She then runs away from her teammates, and meets up with Sun Wukong outside the academy.

At a café, Blake explains her involvement and departure from White Fang to Sun Wukong . She announces her intention to prove the White Fang innocent of the dust thefts, to which Sun suggests they catch the real thieves in the act. They then head to a harbor, only to witness White Fang agents collaborating with Roman Torchwick, a human, which astonishes Blake.

Blake tries to use her previous ties to the White Fang to get them to stop, but is forced to fight off both them and Roman. Although she is aided by Sun, Roman manages to match their combined efforts, only to stop when Ruby and Penny arrive on the scene. Afterwards, she meets up with the remainder of the team and reconciles with Weiss.

Beginning the Second Semester[edit | edit source]

While eating with Yang and Weiss in the dining hall, Blake looks over a notebook with a drawing of Adam and the original logo of the White Fang. Yang tries to see what she is looking at, but Blake claims they are notes from last semester and Yang quickly loses interest and goes back to catching food Nora is throwing at her.

Ruby then appears with a large binder full of ideas on how to spend their last free day before the second semester starts, but Blake wants to back out. Weiss on the other hand feels that even if they don't do anything, they stay together as a team, but is cut off when she is hit in the face with a pie as a result of Yang and Nora's escalating food fight. Meanwhile outside, Sun describes to Neptune Vasilias the circumstances in which they met and fought together, and asks him to keep secret her status as a Faunus, so as to not betray her confidence.

When they enter the dining hall however, Blake and her team are already involved in a large food fight with JNPR. Blake and Pyrrha fight using large rolls of French bread, but the former is forced back. After Nora takes out both Weiss and Yang, Blake picks up a large chain of sausage links and uses them as a whip, knocking Nora into some soda machines.

Nora forces Blake back with the cans, but Blake is defeated when Pyrrha uses her Semblance to control all the cans and forces Blake against the wall, defeating her. After the fight, Blake jumps out of the way as Yang crashes through the ceiling and is seen laughing with the other.

Some time later, Blake Belladonna is seen with her team in the library playing a board game, to which she seems to be inattentive. Following Sun and Neptune's arrival, Blake leaves the library and secludes herself in her team's dorm room, remembering the events of what happened during the fight with Roman Torchwick and the White Fang, and her meeting with Ozpin.

She is then confronted by her team, and is stopped from leaving the room by Weiss, who notes her recent behavior in being quiet, anti-social and moody. Blake voices her worries, concerning the machinations of Roman and the White Fang, and the relative calm of her fellows regarding said activities. After some argumentation, Ruby suggests a plan to stop their enemies, and the team adopts it, with Blake noting that they are all in it together.

RWBY Investigations[edit | edit source]

Blake is first seen alongside her team at the end of Professor Port's class. Later in the dorm room, she and her team prepare themselves for their investigation, with each member summarizing her role; Blake's is to infiltrate a White Fang meeting to gather actionable intelligence, disguised as a new recruit. Alongside her team, they are surprised by Sun, who, hanging from a tree branch outside their room, offers his assistance to their investigation. While the team initially declines his aid, upon his insistence he joins Blake's infiltration.

Blake and Sun are seen arriving at the location of a White Fang Faction Meeting, and infiltrate it posing as new recruits. Each are given a Grimm mask by the doorman, to which Sun asks Blake why the members wear these masks. Blake explains the significance of the White Fang's Grimm masks: Faunus are treated as monsters, and so they adopt the motif - a dark thing, as Sun suggests and to which Blake attributes to the person who founded the concept.

Once they successfully inject themselves into the crowd, they overhear the speech Roman gives regarding the newly obtained "resources" and their new operations in the southeast. However, after the speech, they are soon spotted by Roman as Blake shoots a nearby breaker box, cutting the power to the building. Blake and Sun lunge out of the building though the side windows, while Roman pursues them in the Atlesian Paladin-290 he had presented to the White Fang's Faction Meeting.

Team RWBY regroup and launch coordinated attacks against the Paladin, with Black using her Gambol Shroud to cut projectiles (with Weiss' acceleration glyph), weaken the leg bracers of the machine in tandem with Ruby, and amplify the momentum of Yang's attacks. The team manages to destroy the machine, though Roman escapes with the aid of Neopolitan.

The Aftermath and The Dance[edit | edit source]

Blake is later seen with her team, watching a spar between Pyrrha and Team CRDL. After the fight is over, Glynda calls upon her to participate, noting her recent docility, but she is preempted byMercury Black. Afterwards, Sun asks her to the dance, but she rejects him harshly.

Later, she is confronted by her team with her recent behavior, including lack of sleep and appetite, as well as declining academic performance. Her team prevails upon her to attend, but she ignores their concern and makes for the library.

Blake is seen in the library on a computer, seemingly looking up information on the ongoing investigation of her team. She then catches her eye on a laser, but seems to pay no mind to it, until she is irritated, only to find out it was her partner Yang, but before she can ask her anything, Yang informs her that they need to talk and is pulled away into a classroom.

Continuing with the same behavior, Blake informs Yang that she can't tell her to stop, much to the fact that she won't, but Yang responds by telling her that it isn't her intention, but only to tell her to slow down.

Blake, continues with a similar response, but she then decides to listen Yang after the latter asked her. Blake soon learns about Ruby and Yang's past, including their mothers, mostly Yang's mother who left her and her father several years ago. When Blake asks Yang why she left, Yang says she doesn't know, but to this day she still continues to look for her.

After hearing her story, Blake expresses sympathy for Yang's past, and understands her, but states that it's different to hers because she isn't a child. Blake continues pressing on the same topic, she being the only one who can do anything, which ends up infuriating her partner.

When Yang asks Blake on what she would do if Roman walked through the classroom door, Blake says she would fight, but is pushed back by Yang, pointing out on how she can barely move, as she couldn't even stop Yang herself. While trying to recover from the push Yang gave her, Blake is hugged by Yang, who tells her once more not to stop the search, but to at least get some rest, not only for her, but for everyone she cares about.

Later, at the timing of the dance, Blake, seen in a dress, joins Sun in heading to the dance, telling him he looks better in a tie. She later dances with Yang, having taken her proposal from the following day, and later dances with Sun. Blake is seen several times dancing with Sun, where she is laughing and enjoying herself throughout the majority of the dance. At one point she and Sun are seen with Neptune.

The Mountain Glenn Mission[edit | edit source]

Along with Weiss and Yang, Blake confront Ruby upon her arrival to their dorm room and ask her on what happened. Ruby eventually tells her team of what happened the night before, with Weiss believing it to have been and risky, while Blake herself tells Ruby that she believed she handle it right.

Before leaving, Blake and her teammates are still to be seen in shock after discovering that Oobleck was going to be the Huntsmen who joins them on their mission to Quadrant 5. After Oobleck talks to the team and runs ahead to the ship, the girls are met up by Team JNPR and Sun and Neptune, all of whom talk about their mission, and the type of missions they are doing, as to where it is located.

When Oobleck calls for the team, informing they are four minutes late, Team JNPR, Sun and Neptune give a similar expression and then part ways. While on the ship. Oobleck talks about how has a Huntsmen he has had his fair share of tough fights, despite being mostly intellectual. When Ruby asks a question refrained towards Oobleck, where she says Mushrooms, Blake corrects her by saying they are actually truffles.

Shortly after landing, and following the revelation of Ruby having brought Zwei, Blake and her team easily dispatch a pack of Beowolves under orders from Oobleck, and this goes on for the majority of the day.

During the fight, Oobleck asks Balke on why she became a Huntress, to which she responds that there is to much bad things going on in the world, and it isn't right to sit around to do nothing. She brings up other ideals such as corruption, inequality and on how someone has to stop them. However, when Blake is asked on how she plans to stop it, she is unable to give a proper answer.

Later, Oobleck orders Weiss, Blake and Yang to set up camp in a nearby building which they do, as he and Ruby went out to scout the perimeter. Sometime later, Blake is seen sitting at the campfire, with Weiss and Yang. When Yang brings up on how they weren't able to find anything, Blake informs her that they have previously been fortunate before, but luck won't always be on their side.

The three then start discussing how each of them don't know what they want, as Blake says she knows what she wants to do but figure she'd take things one step at a time. As Ruby stands watch, Blake and the rest of their team set up their beds and lay down.

As Ruby keeps watch, Blake is awakened by Yang, although it is seen that she isn't asleep. Along with Yang and Weiss, Blake ponders Oobleck questioning them on why they wished to become Huntresses, realizing that they still don't know how to answer. Blake thinks back to her past, and how back then, she believed that she was doing the right thing along with her old partner and mentor, Adam.

However, she later grew to see how horrifying his methods and goals truly were, despite his assurances they were trying to make the world a better place. As a result, she decided that she would become a Huntress to help others, joining the academy because they were seen as noble warriors fighting for good by the rest of the world.

Blake now wonders on how she can undo so many years of hatred once she graduates. After Yang tells her she'll find a way and that she's never backed down from a challenge, Blake disagrees, reminding Yang that when her team discovered that she was a Faunus, she didn't know what to do and chose to flee.

She also recalls that when she discovered her old partner had become a monster, she ran from that as well. She then ruminates on how her own semblance symbolizes her nature to run away from a problem. Blake later brings up the point to Weiss that not just Ruby, but all of them were still kids.

Some time later that same night, after Zwei returns, with Ruby having chased him out and fallen into a cave, Blake and her teammates along with Oobleck head out to look for her, knowing she is in trouble. After Oobleck informs them of the history beneath their location, the girls look at each other in concern for Ruby, with Oobleck telling them that they have to go down and find her.

Blake, along with Oobleck and the rest of Team RWBY arrive in time to save Ruby, who flees from Roman. After Ruby has a happy reunion with Yang, Blake hands Ruby her scythe, who informs them of what the White Fang has, that being cargo and the Paladins. The team then heads to try and stop the train, but are met with pressing issues, such as the presence of bombs on several train cars, all of which they manage to evade, while fending of several White Fang henchmen.

After Ruby and Oobleck take on the task of fending off the Paladins. As Blake, Yang, and Weiss are each separated, each deciding to fight a certain opponent themselves, Blake is left fending of Roman, whom she beats.

After defeating him, Weiss is thrown threw a door unconscious, having lost her fight with a White Fang lieutenant. Knocking out Roman, she goes to aid her teammate, but having no other choice, she grabs Weiss and runs. After the team reunites, they notice an upcoming wall, but with quick thinking, Weiss creates a large ice shield, thus protecting them from the crash and explosion.

Blake and her teammates later wake up within Vale above the crash site, before watching in horror as the invading Grimm attack the citizens. Surrounded by the Grimm, Blake and her team have their weapons up in defense shortly before attacking, but have trouble fending them off due to the overwhelming numbers of the creatures. They are later aided by both teams JNPR and CFVY, as well as several other professors, eventually emerging victorious.

Later, Team RWBY is seen at the school talking about the events that transpired in Vale. Remarking that they were able to do something about the problem, they all begin wondering on what to do next. When Ruby suggests that they all go to sleep, everyone agrees.