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</infobox> Autumn Farrell is an American actress and editor who is a member of Sugar Pine 7, an affiliate of Rooster Teeth Productions.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Autumn was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but grew up in many different places, including rural parts of Mexico according to an episode of the Beyond the Pine podcast. She is currently in a relationship with Funhaus member, Bruce Greene.

Career[edit | edit source]

Autumn started her editing career editing videos for local TV ads in Phoenix, Arizona. She later moved to Los Angeles to work as an editor for SourceFed. After SourceFed's cancellation, Autumn worked as an editor for Group Nine Media until Steven Suptic brought her on board to edit some of his Alternative Lifestyle videos, back when the channel was still branded as the Steven Suptic Experience. Autumn later became part of the main cast, appearing in almost all the videos and even being part of a major plot arc.

Gallery[edit | edit source]