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The Autism 30 podcast[1][2] was created and is produced in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, by Talie, its host.

The first podcast was April 2, 2015 on Autism Awareness Day. Its aim is to provide information about autism services available and inspiration about all aspects of autism to its audience, by interviewing[3] influential[4] and informative[5] guests in the autism space.

This is the first entirely Canadian podcast of its kind and has future plans to expand to other provinces and countries. Autism 30 is also now heard in 99 countries worldwide. It is available via official channels on: iTunes,[2] Facebook,[6] YouTube,[7] Twitter,[8] Google+,[9] and the Autism 30 webpage at:

There are a growing number of other channels and aggregate sources to find the Autism 30 podcast, including: Stitcher,[10],[11] PodcastParty[12]

Motto: "Live in Love"

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