Achievement HORSE Halo Episode 74

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Round 1 of the second HORSE Tournament.

I was really disoriented, again, with all the buttons you had to press.
Barbara Dunkelman

Participants[edit | edit source]

Notability[edit | edit source]

  • Barbara's first HORSE
  • First match of second tournament

Results[edit | edit source]

# Description Map by Winner
1 Jump to the saucer, shoot the mines schoolmisfit Gavin
2 Bounce a grenade off the wall and shoot it with a pistol IRONMAN7712 Gavin
3 Bounce off the Shield walls and walk to the end. Explode. thegiantoctop Barbara
4 Jump your warthog and land on the rock ZABH Gavin
5 Use teleporters to launch yourself to the platform Balsay69 Gavin
6 Grenade a mongoose onto a plaform. both survive! A British Grunt Barbara
7 Drive the long course! Edo Sens Gavin
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