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"E98 - Porn Part 1 (SHWYPN)"

We talk about a hard to talk about subject with Shit Happens When You Party Naked What is porn? Why is incest porn so popular? What is the weirdest porn Meader has seen? Check out SHWYPN at You can find us at You can donate to us at: (Full article...)

"E97 - Bathroom Etiquette (G)"

We talk about how we share the communal space known as bathrooms. What is the right way for toilet paper to be placed on the roll? Should you leave the seat up or put it down? And what is a German toilet and why are they sifting for gold? What do you do when you run out of toilet paper? Let us know in the comments! You can find us at You can donate to us at: (Full article...)

"E96 - Sandwiches (G)"

You've never been as entertained as you will be listening to three guys talk about sandwiches. Prepare to have your mind blown and your paradigms shifted. Do you cut your sandwiches into rectangles or triangles? What do you call a long piece of bread with meats and vegetables in it? And is there anything that ISN'T a sandwich? Do we agree... We Need To Talk to find out! (Full article...)